Friday, March 15, 2013

Seth Green Weighs in on the Future of "Star Wars: Detours"

By: Dominic Jones

With the announcement that the animated Star Wars comedy series Star Wars: Detours is being put on indefinite hold, there has been much speculation from fans that the series may never be seen.  Though the speculation has been justified (Lucasfilm removed the Detours clips and trailer from the official Star Wars Youtube Channel and, series executive producer Seth Green has a hopeful message for fans.  Following the announcement Green tweeted "As you may know, Detours is on hold while Lucasfilm focuses on the new Star Wars films. Don't fear, you'll see it when the timing's right."

Green's statement does help reassure this fan somewhat, although I never really thought that we would never see the series.  However it raises more questions.  How much of Detours is completed?  They seemed to have a good amount done when the teased fans with clips from the series at Celebration VI last summer and there was pre-Disney speculation that the series may be ready for a 2013-2014 release.  And when will the time be right?  But, with the plan being on having a new Star Wars film every 2-3 years (if not every year!), will there ever really be a place for a comedy series on TV?  Especially since the era in which it's set (between Episodes III and IV) may no longer be as relevant once the sequel trilogy hits.  Will the series even be on TV?  It seems more likely that it will be "bonus content" much like the future arcs of The Clone Wars, especially considering that they likely don't have more than a season's worth of content and production on future episodes is now "on hold".   

What we saw of Detours at CVI was hilarious, and the series has much promise.  It's delay saddened me as I had high hopes for the series and was looking forward to seeing more.  Hopefully the timing will be right sooner rather than later.   

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