Thursday, March 28, 2013

Caption Contest Winners | 3/28/13

By: Benjamin Hart

Our Facebook fans had a lot to say about this picture of Stephen Spielberg, George Lucas and Harrison Ford. Check out the results of this week's caption contest, chosen by YOU:

1st Place | By: Oliver Hackett

2nd Place

I prefer that Greedo shoots me first rather than make indy 5 with you guys
By: Alejandro Cesar Sanchez

3rd Place

I keep telling the both of you we never should have made Indy 4!
Christopher Bock -4

"See George, that's J.J. Abrams; he's going to make us forget about the prequels."
By: HelloGreedo

HARRISON: Aren't you going to say anything about bringing JarJar back for Episode 7?
LUCAS: (Laughing) Why the #$%& would I spoil THAT surprise?
SPIELBERG: Hey guys, I think that's TMZ over there...
By: Michael Weckesser

"What Ark? Harrison, really, Stevie and I had had that made out of cardboard by the props guys. You thought that was real all this time?!"
By: Florin Corneliu Pîtea

"How cute! James Cameron thinks his movies made more money than ours..."
By: Fup Duck

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