Thursday, March 14, 2013

Caption Contest Winners | 3/14/13

By: Benjamin Hart

Once again our Facebook fans took to the task of caption this picture. Here are the hilarious results:

1st Place | By: Matthew Alexander Richards

2nd Place

Join the 501st they said. It'll be fun they said.
By: Josh Williams

3rd Place

Laid off from Disney
By: Christopher Backa

This is not the duty you're looking for.
Submitted by: Johann Mitzscherlich

Order 67: Clean up the Jedi bits.
By: Tom Quinn Glover

Why did they had to cancel the clone wars? I don't want to sweep.
By: Alejandro Cesar Sanchez

Join the Galactic Republic they said, see the galaxy they said....
By: Philip Gilbert

This just in: A new Star Wars craze is sweeping the nation.
By: Zac Chubb

Stupid cookies.....crumbs everywhere.
By: Angela Punch

I gotta get that transfer to the Death Star.
By: Liesel Booker

Bet they don't get this crap in the 501st!
By: Andrew Jenks Jenkins

With the introduction of Order 66, the Clone army swept aside the last traces of the Jedi order.
By: Jason S Colflesh

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