Saturday, March 2, 2013

Update on Baby Leah


By Kat Kiele

On Feb 10th, Baby Leah has now turned two years old! She has been an amazing blessing to the star wars and non star wars community! If you are unsure whom Baby Leah is, here is some background, Leah was born on Feb 10th, 2011 and was diagnosed with an unknown illness. She was admitted to the UCLA medical center for abnormal eye and body movements that started at around May 8th, after her first round of vaccines, which caused her to have a fever.

When she was diagnosed with a mitochondrial illness, many members of the Mandalorian Mercs elite costuming Club came to the rescue. Some of the members whom started Princess Leah's Angels were PJ Reindel, Zev (DeltaSquadBoss) and Mary Farah, whom was the initial creator. After this, many other people including the Rebel Legion ( the 501st Legion ( and many people including Steven Stanton, voice actor of Grand Moff Tarkin, Peter Meyhew (Actor of Chewbacca in the Old Trilogy), and the whole Clone Wars Cast even got involved!

She is getting better as everyday passes! This is a miracle, but from what I can understand, everything has come to a halt, as far as the fund raising aspect and the updating are. Zev, unfortunately has left the internet so he can focus on Baby Leah. If you would like to contact them to send them best wishes, you can do so on the Facebook page for Princess Leah, or friend Frani 'Cmdr' Fox.
Let's continue to encourage Frani and Zev through comforting words and prayers! She is an amazing child and has been through a lot over the past two years.

If you would like to get updates about her check out:

NEWS ALERT: All of you Star Wars fans (and non-star wars fans) can make donations to Princess Leah through:

Continue to check the Facebook Page for more information. Zev will be updating that fairly shortly.


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