Thursday, February 28, 2013

Report: Clouded the Future of 1313 Is

 By: Dominic Jones

Ever since the announcement that Disney was purchasing Lucasfilm, fans have wondered about the future of projects that were in the works prior to change.  One of those projects is the video game Star Wars 1313, which was revealed at last year's E3.  The gaming website Kotaku has some conflicting reports on the future of the game is.  On the one hand LucasArts is insisting that "Star Wars 1313 continues production."  But on the other hand Kotaku has three sources close to the matter that say the project has been put on hold.

It's not to much of a leap to think that Disney may cancel the game.  They've proven, with the postponement of the 3D re-releases, that their willing to stop work on something regardless of how much work has gone into it.  Star Wars: 1313's situation seems to mirror that of the future of the TV series Star Wars: The Clone Wars, in that production continues but there is no promise that it will see the light of day.  One piece of evidence that suggests the game's future may not be so bleak is that the Episode Guide for the most recent episode of The Clone Wars "To Catch a Jedi" (an episode in which the majority of the action took place on levels 1312 through 1315) references Star Wars 1313 multiple times.  Even supervising director Dave Filoni references it during the featurette, during which new footage from 1313 was shown.  On a personal note, the episode "To Catch a Jedi" made me really excited for the game as the Coruscant underworld seemed like a really cool place to explore.

Another possibility, however, is that the game is being delayed so that the game will tie-into another project.  Kotaku informs us that (to one's real surprise) the game was developed to be a tie-in to the live action series, for which 50 scripts have already been written with the action taking place largely in the Coruscant underworld.  The live action series has since been put on hold and the game continued forward.  Recently Paul Lee, president of Disney owned television network ABC, revealed that the network was interested in working with Lucasfilm and even went as far as to say they were going to consider the live action series.  Could Disney and ABC have decided to go ahead with the series and are simply delaying 1313 until the series is ready so the two can tie-into each other?  This is pure speculation on my part and there is no indication from Disney, ABC, or Lucasfilm that this is in the works, but wouldn't that be cool?

Regardless of who you believe when it comes to the future of Star Wars 1313, I highly recommend checking out the article on Kotaku, as it outlines the fascinating development of the game, from it's initial conception, to the variations on what type of game it would be, to George Lucas' thoughts on the game.  It's definitely worth a read.

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