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Clone Wars Review: "To Catch A Jedi"


By Martin Coronell-Rodriguez

Before I begin my review of “To Catch a Jedi”, I’d just like to say that this is my first article that has nothing to do with SWTOR and that won’t include green colored font. I’m happy to be given the opportunity to be writing my first-ever review of a Clone Wars episode and I hope you all enjoy it. I’m also happy to be writing this as I see no one has really written a review of a Clone Wars episode in a while, so I guess I’ll be taking over until Chris or some other Underworld volunteer wants to tackle an episode.

“To Catch a Jedi” is the 19th episode of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars television series’ fifth season, and is the 107th episode of The Clone Wars series.

At the start of the episode, seeing that the Council thinks that Ahsoka is responsible for what she’s done really angered me. Many of the Council members know Ahsoka and have even teamed up with her! I was happy to see that Plo Koon was siding with Anakin and Ahsoka… sort of… but to see that neither of them weren’t really standing up for her just fueled my anger towards these Jedi even more. I would have loved to see either Anakin or Plo come to her defense a lot better, and heck, maybe even Anakin showing a bit of defiance towards the Council would have given me a sigh of relief. I just hope karma bites these Jedi in the ass one day! Oh wait… *thinks back to Order 66*.

Now upon laying my eyes on the Coruscant Underworld, without all of the filthiness it kind of reminds me of Queens, New York. The transportation, the people, the buildings, that city-like atmosphere—it all reminded me of the place I used to call home. It’s one of the reasons why I love the planet Coruscant, and I just hope we get more arcs that run through different locations on Coruscant in the future.

Now the train scene with Ahsoka was pretty epic! Running from law enforcement with her acrobatics just filled me with adrenaline, and I was happy to see her get out of there once the train was approaching the lower platform. The scene where she disrupted one of the locals got me chuckling, too. But then again, more policemen spot her and she runs into a nearby elevator which the policemen happen to damage before she gets away. As it forces its way down to the lowest level she really couldn’t keep her cool there, deciding to use her lightsaber at the last minute to get out from the top, only for the little kid inside that elevator to save her own skin other than the other way around. She was right once she told the kid that she really wasn’t on her game that day.

As she treaded lightly through the streets I see a familiar head, and once the camera showed her full body I was sort of blown away to see Ventress here of all places. Things certainly got more interesting here seeing the Force-sensitive Separatist war criminal, who has now taken the status as a bounty hunter. As Ahsoka was speaking to Ventress about how she’d get away with the bounty, she proceeded to reluctantly agree about what Ventress said about the Jedi not seeing her as a Jedi. Afterwards, Ahsoka asked for Ventress’s help in trying to help find out who is trying to frame her. I loved how Ventress expressed her feelings on what would ever get her to try and help her in any way, for Ahsoka to give quite a good bargain that’s better than credits—something Ventress almost can’t refuse. I also love how Ventress described the Jedi as not being all that holy as she first thought, but I have to agree with her because what the Jedi have decided to do about Ahsoka is just plain inexcusable.

As they’re walking towards the Coruscant Underworld portal, that’s when things start taking a turn for the worse. Anakin, Plo and the Clones catch up to Ahsoka and as Ahsoka escapes with Ventress, that’s when Ahsoka stops and notices Anakin behind the shields. I get those feels right at that moment, and then she takes off back into the shadows of the Underworld along with Ventress. Anakin seems to be quite upset, notifying the clones to send in the probes and to track them down quickly.

Once Ahsoka and Ventress find an area to settle down, Ahsoka gets back in touch with Barriss Offee and after that Ahsoka informs Ventress of where she’s supposed to go. As they start to make their way there, they are stopped by Commander Wolffe and a squad of clones. I liked how Ventress was so eager to “play”, and they eventually had to so they did. Once Ventress and Ahsoka incapacitated the clones (glad Ventress didn’t kill them), they made their way to the warehouse that Barriss told Ahsoka about. Here is where they decided to part ways, and this part really saddened me because who could ever see them team up? Not me! I thought this was really special for the series and I was happy to see them working together. I was also happy to see that Ventress could fight without killing, and remarks to Ahsoka in the end of the fight that this is the new Ventress.

In the end of the episode, Ventress is incapacitated by this unidentified Dark Jedi who stole her helmet and lightsabers and ambushed Ahsoka, pushing the Togruta to her limits and defeating her in the fight with a final blow by kicking her into the stomach and down into the area where the nano-droids are. Although Ahsoka tried her best with the battle against the Dark Jedi, her best just wasn’t enough. When she gets up, Wolffe finds her and he stuns her before she could even finish her statement. The ending is very sad, as Ventress didn’t even have a chance to fight back against the Dark Jedi and Ahsoka is taken into custody by the clones.

In conclusion, this whole episode was just done impressively! I believe this is the best, if not, one of the best episodes up to date! I honestly have to give this episode a 10/10. I really have to give it a perfect score because of how things are turning out good at the moment for the Dark Jedi (I have to admit that), how Ventress decided to help Ahsoka out, how the fights really meant something, and the cinematography along with the flow of the episode. I was very disappointed with the first episode of the arc, but each episode got better and better! I’ve been getting chills, filled with excitement and I’ve had my body flowing with adrenaline because of how this arc has progressed. I can’t wait for the 20th and final episode of season five, and I hope it can rock with a 10/10 in my book once it premiers!

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