Friday, January 25, 2013

Opinion: Do, or do not, there is no try.

By: David Gremillion

Let's set the Wayback Machine for the fall of 2012. News of the Disney buyout had lit cyberspace on fire. Facebook pages were created overnight, tweets flew across the globe, and Google executives were dancing with joy with the number of searches involving the future of our beloved saga. 

And yet I sat back and didn't believe any rumor I heard. 

You remember the rumors, right? Joss Whedon was taking long walks on Skywalker Ranch. Kathleen Kennedy was assembling a crack team of writers including Timothy Zahn and Karen Traviss. Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were going to be Jedi Knights. Dave Filoni was already writing Ahsoka Tano into Episode VII. 

I'm on Facebook as well and I well remember these illustrious rumors. I dismissed them just as easily. People were urging me to comment on this whisper that they heard from a friend of a friend who has a cousin who knows a guy who overheard something at a Starbucks. What was I waiting for? Why wasn't I on the "OMG" bandwagon? Because I knew one simple truth that Hollywood has taught me. 

Wait for a director. 

A Hollywood director and a Navy Captain are the closest thing to God this planet has to offer. They have absolute control over every minute of their day. Now we have our director and the hiring of JJ Abrams is going to do Star Wars a world of good (no pun intended). 

JJ Abrams produced one hundred and five episodes of "Alias" (won four Emmy Awards), one hundred and fifteen episodes of "Lost" (won eleven Emmy Awards), 100 episodes of "Fringe" (won one Emmy Award), the Super 8 movie, worked on the screenplay for "Armageddon", and even helped write an episode of "Avatar: The Last Airbender". 

Oh, he also worked on a little known franchise called "Star Trek". The last Star Trek movie (Nemesis) grossed a measly $67 million. Abrams movie? Over $380 million and is now spawning what could be the most highly anticipated sequel of 2013. 

The man knows movies, he knows success, he is known across the globe, and he has a proven track record for science-fiction. True, he isn't Joss Whedon, but with JJ Abrams, not only is the franchise in good hands, but we have an added bonus. 

Expect the unexpected. 

Lost had more twists and turns than a Colorado highway. Alias launched the career of Jennifer Garner. When the new Star Trek movie debuted, he didn't write another chapter of that saga, he threw out the whole damn book and started writing his own. This man is not only the right man for the job of Episode VII, he is the right man to open our eyes to a whole new galaxy of Star Wars we never knew existed. Astonish audiences? There is no "try" for this man, he just does.

This article is an opinion piece and represents the views of the writer, and not the entire Star Wars Underworld organization


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