Friday, December 14, 2012

Fan Film Friday #2: Legacy Of The Jedi

By: Benjamin Hart

It's Friday again, and that means more awesome fan films! This week's featured fan production is...

Star Wars: Legacy Of The Jedi

Watch on YouTube.

Unfortunately these are the only versions of the film I've found. If you have a better quality version please let us know.

Cast :
Joe Tesora as Mal-Que Narrin
Tim Fernandes as Te-Kun Rel
Joseph Jerman as Krathis Kanaan
Lexus Fahrenheit as Jontay Scroon

Director: Joseph Jerman
Screenplay: Chazz M. Besser
Director of Photography: Thomas Ruffner
ADR: Rick Dominicus

Legacy Of The Jedi is very ingenious, starting with with a very serious tone and an interesting plot, and ending with... Well, we'll get to that in a minute. I like the way the film opens, jumping right into the action after "A long time ago in a Galaxy far, far away.." Too many fan film makers put long and elaborate opening crawls at the beginning of their films, sometimes longer than the films themselves, which is just a waste. This film opens with a training session between master & Padawan, the former using a blaster to shoot at the Padawan, thus teaching him to block. It leads to a very insightful quote from the master; "...It's not just about blocking the bolts, you have to be conscience of where you send them. If this were a crowded thoroughfare I doubt any bystanders would still be alive." Another plus for this film is it's relativity light on CGI, the only fully computer generated shots are of their ship going from Planet to Planet, which doesn't look half bad considering this is a fan film that was made around the time of The Phantom Menace(I don't know an exact date). What really makes this film look good is the locations. Sure you start out on a "Forest Planet"(a.k.a someone's backyard) but then we're taken to a more exotic world. The, what seemed to be, Tie Fighters overhead and flying Droids circling the characters made the Planet more believable, even if they were sub-par CGI. You can tell the indoor scenes are inside an average Church, but with the right lighting applied gives it a slightly spooky feel, especially with miss creepy over to the side "enjoying" something... never could figure that out. Then we move outside to a Star Wars-esque location. And here's where things get interesting... It turns into a Mentos commercial. Need I say more? I give it an 7.5/10 rating.


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