Thursday, December 6, 2012

Caption Contest Winners | 12/6/12

By: Benjamin Hart

Yesterday we asked our Facebook fans to caption this picture and vote for their favorite captions by 'liking' them. We got a ton of submissions this week, and two 1st place winners, which is rare.

1st Place #1 | Submitted by: Lisa Olmer Wilson

1st Place #2 | Submitted by: Eric Ford

2nd Place

When 4112 left his SnowTrooper uniform at home, he was forced to improvise...
- Submitted by: Chris John

Lord Vader was serious about removing his name from the naughty list afterall
- Submitted by: Alfred Vivalafreddo Cortez

"How the Emperor goes out on the town incognito."
- Submitted by: Duncan Fraser

Aren't you a little fat to be a storm trooper?
- Submitted by: Robert Hicks

3rd Place

The Emperors new clothes.
- Submitted by: Martin Bullock

As a part of Order 66, all jedi shall be exterminated. If he can fit down a chimney, he must be strong in the Force. 
- Submitted by: Nathan Jorj Quick

A well known figure was taken into empiral custody today. news at 11.
- Submitted by: Jason S.

"My lord" "Trooper"
"My lord" "Trooper"
"HoHoHo" "Troop.....errrrr"
"My lord" "**** off" 
"My lord" "Wait, what in the world was that back there!?"
- Submitted by: Kieren Barnett

You are the Claus we're looking for.
- Submitted by: August Smarra

Sir we have the suspect in custody, he says he isn't a jedi, but with a suit like that, we can't be sure, we're taking him to the detention level 
- Submitted by: Garrett Wells

Congrats to the winners and big thanks to everyone who participated! Watch for another contest next Wednesday.


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