Monday, December 3, 2012

Action Figure Review: Wolfpack Ultimate Gift Set

By Chris Seekell

Price: $29.99

Availability: Online Exclusive

  • Master Plo Koon
  • Clone Commander CC-3636 "Wolffe"
  • Clone Trooper "Sinker"
  • Clone Trooper "Boost"
  • 2 DC-17's
  • 2 DC-15A's
  • 2 DC-15S's
  • 2 jet packs
  • 2 projectiles
  • Saber weapon
  • 4 stands
  • 4 game cards
Plo Koon is a repacked figure from 2008. Interestingly he doesn't come with his lightsaber, but a secondary saber weapon.
Commander Wolffe was originally released as a single-carded figure earlier in 2012. He lacks a lot of articulation. His wrists, torso, knees, and ankles have no articulation. His helmet is not removable and his scope does not move. This figure has a good paint job but is very sub-par otherwise.
Sinker and Boost both don't have ankle articulation and do not have removeable helmets. But they do come with jet packs and have good paint jobs.
Game cards...
Overall this set is pretty disappointing compared to the previous Wolfpack set that included Plo Koon, Sinker, and Boost in Phase I armor.


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