Friday, November 30, 2012

Rick McCallum Retires From Lucasfilm

By: Dominic Jones 

Steve Sansweet let it slip a month a go on the ForceCast that Rick McCallum, the producer of the Star Wars Special Editions and the Star Wars Prequel Trilogy, has retired from Lucasfilm. Now Lucasfilm has (finally) caught up and released on official statement thanking Rick for his years of dedication to the franchise McCallum has worked with Lucas for twenty years now beginning in 1992 with the Young Indiana Jones Chronicles and continued that partnership all the way through the Prequel Trilogy and culminated with Red Tails this past February.  McCallum, much like Lucas, plans to use his retirement to make smaller, independent films. released the official statement today, with quotes from George Lucas. 

"Rick is a close friend as well as an extremely talented producer, " says George Lucas.  "No matter how impossible I made the task, Rick was able to overcome the challenges. In addition to putting together great crews and working miracles with the budget, he was instrumental in helping push filmmaking into the 21st century. He has a larger-than-life personality and made this amazing 20-year journey with him a fun one."  

In the statement McCallum thanked fans for their support over the years. 

"Thank you for being so welcoming, supportive, and so good to me," says McCallum to Star Wars fans everywhere. "You all made it the most worthwhile and amazing experience. I have nothing but the biggest faith and trust that where Kathleen is going to take Star Wars will be a bold, exciting, and daring future that will be worthy of all your incredible passion and loyalty for all these years. It will be awesome."

McCallum also commented on the future of the Star Wars series.

"There's only person in the world who could do this, and that's Kathleen Kennedy," he says. "There's no one more suited who is able to bridge the worlds of elite filmmaking within a studio context. The Star Wars saga will always be taken care of under her leadership. She is truly one of the greatest producers in America as well as being a great friend."

On behalf of The SWU, I would like to thank Rick for his dedication to Star Wars over the past two decades and for being such a great ambassador to the fans over the years!  Thanks you for everything Rick and May the Force Be With You in your retirement!


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