Friday, November 30, 2012

How to Keep a Secret - Disney Studio Chairman Alan Horn Speaks on Keeping the Secret that Shocked the Galaxy

By: Dominic Jones

In the age of the internet it seemed, for while, that no secret was safe.  There were always leaks and, no matter what studios did, word always seemed to get out early.  Then, on October 31st, 2012, the world was shocked with one of the biggest announcements in the history of the entertainment industry and no one saw it coming.  Disney was buying Lucasfilm and Star Wars Episode VII was announced.  Naturally the question of how the monumental secret was kept has been on the mind of the world for some time now.  "We threatened everybody with a blast from the Death Star!" Disney's Studio Chairmen Alan Horn told's Kyle Buchanan.  

Horn recently sat down with Vulture and talked about the difficulty of keeping the secret and the future of the Star Wars saga.  "I think everybody was mature about it," Horn said. "It's important to keep these things confidential, so people just kept their mouths shut."  As for how many people knew about the purchase, Horn joked that it was "Probably a smaller group than knew about the attack on bin Laden!"  

When asked about the questions surrounding the director of the film, Horn told fans that the announcement would likely be coming soon.  Horn also commented on Disney's responsibility to the fans when it came to making episode VII, saying "We take very seriously the obligation to make a very good movie. Kathy is a very experienced producer; George Lucas is the godfather of that franchise and very, very involved on a consulting basis, so we feel very confident."

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