Thursday, November 29, 2012

Caption Contest Winners | 11/29/12

By: Benjamin Hart

Yesterday we asked our Facebook fans to caption this picture as well 'Like' their favorites! We got a lot of great submissions, here are the top rated captions:

1st Place | Submitted by: Christopher John LeBeau

2nd Place

"Where I come from we play football with our feet, it's the proper protocol"
- Submitted by: Jaster Mereel

 "I am fluent in over 6 Million forms of communication and even I have no idea what you are talking about."
- Submitted by: Doug Bodine

3rd Place

"I am not fluent in BS. Is it a form of Bocci?"
- Submitted by: Jeff Donoho

I am fluent in 6 million forms of communication and 480,000 cultures. I have no idea what the replacement refs were doing...
- Submitted by: Greg Clark

The probability of the NHL lockout ending by December 31st is approximately 3,720 to 1.
- Submitted by: Brett Marlar

Sir, the odds of Kansas City making it to the Super Bowl are approximately three thousand seven hundred and twenty to one!
- Submitted by: Lisa Olmer Wilson

"little known fact, we were the droids they were looking for"
- Submitted by: Radam J. Starkiller

C-3P0: "I keep trying to tell Master Solo the odds of the Raiders making the playoffs, but he keeps telling me 'Don't tell me the odds'. He gets his hopes up every season. He gets more depressed over the Raiders failings than he did over Chewbacca's death."
- Submitted by: Gabe Coffelt


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