Thursday, October 18, 2012

Rare 'Empire' Making Of Documentary Surfaces

By: Benjamin Hart

Simply watching the films is merely the tip of the Ice berg when it comes to enjoying the Star Wars Saga. One of my favorites is delving into what goes on behind the scenes of these beloved films through various documentaries and clips. Rarely do I find something that I haven't seen already, especially from the Original Trilogy.. Until today. So as the story goes, during the production of The Empire Strikes Back, Michel Parbot was tasked with filming a documentary about the making of the film. But it was never officially finished and another documentary took it's place for subsequent releases. Some of Parbot's film ended up being aired on Dutch TV where it was recorded and then uploaded to YouTube in 2008. There they sat 4 years with less than 1,000 views a piece. Yesterday, Open Culture brought it to the forefront and it's been going viral ever since. The videos feature interviews with Irvin Kershner, Gary Kurtz, Stewart Freeborn and others. Unfortunately the footage is blurry and grainy at times, and the first 50 seconds are in dutch, but it's well worth watching.

Check it out below!
Part 1
Part 2
Update: Jamie Benning, creator of the Star Wars Begins & Building Empire "Filmumentaries", contacted us via Twitter with another version of the film he acquired from StarWarsArchives.Com. This one features even more footage, including interviews with Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford & Carre Fisher (in costume I might add) all in great quality:

Michel Parbot "Lost" Documentary - The Making of The Empire Strikes Back - Incomplete from Jamie Benning on Vimeo.


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