Friday, September 14, 2012

Clone Wars Bloopers: Classics Vol. II

By: Benjamin Hart

Welcome back to Clone Wars bloopers! It's been a while, I know. But I assure you it was worth the wait. I had a lot of fun revisiting and analyzing episodes from seasons one, two, & three. I discovered a lot of interesting things this time. Enjoy!

~Season One~


First off, the strap on Cody's right shoulder is missing throughout the entire episode.
You can also notice in this scene that Cody is missing the Antenna from his left shoulder pad.

Next, when Rex and Cody arrive on Rishi their shuttle's boarding ramp does not extend completely.
The same thing happens in...

Lair Of Grievous

The extension of the ramp on Nahdar's shuttle doesn't fold out either.
For example, this is how it's supposed to look(in Season two's Brain Invaders).

Downfall Of A Droid

When Anakin & Ahsoka return to Bothawui looking for Artoo, an Acclamator-class assault ship can be seen floating amongst the debris. But that type of ship was not involved in the battle.

In the scene where Anakin scolds R3 for being a "poor excuse for a light switch", the Droid's holoprojecter switches places for one shot.

Duel Of The Droids

This is how Denal is supposed to look.
Yet he appears without his unique markings several times throughout the episode.


During the Talz ambush, Chairman Cho takes a spear to the back...
But in subsequent scenes he has no wound.

Liberty On Ryloth

Near the beginning of the episode, when Anakin is talking with Palpatine via hologram, Anakin's arms are unnaturally hanging away from his sides.

Throughout most of the episode Wat Tambor's ship is being loaded with treasure from different areas of Ryloth.
But when Tambor's tactical Droid leaves you clearly see the ship is empty.

~Season Two~

Cargo Of Doom

Pay attention to the back of this battle Droid with yellow markings, there's nothing there at first...
But when the angle changes he has a backpack.
And it's gone again..
Now It's back...
And finally it disappears.

Next, at the end of the battle, when Anakin reaches up to catch a falling Clone trooper, his right shoulder pad is missing.

And later, when he is approaching the airlock, his Lightsaber is nowhere to be seen.

Grievous Intrigue
When the gangway to Obi-Wan's ship breaks it interrupts the duel between Adi Gallia and General Grievous. Both begin to be sucked out into space and they clutch the blast door. While Gallia  hangs on, Grievous grapples onto the floor and climbs up the hallway to escape.
Only a second later Gallia pulls herself up above the blast door and extents a wire to Obi-Wan and Cody. Grievous is nowhere to be seen behind her.

The Deserter
In the scene where Cut recounts his escape from the Republic army, his shoulder bag appears and disappears briefly. First, when he and Rex are sitting playing Dejarik, Cut is not wearing it.
Cut gets up and walks part way across the room, still not wearing the bag. When he returns to the table and sits the bag appears.
When the camera angle changes to Sheeah asking to "Go outside and play.." the bag is gone again.

Cat And Mouse

In this episode we have a couple dialogue mistakes:
At first our heroes are unaware of their opponent's identity. Admiral Yularen does some research and figures out that it is Admiral Trench. Soon after he tells Anakin right before they depart from the cruiser.
Later, after Christophsis is bombed, Anakin & Yularen speak with Obi-Wan via hologram, where Obi-an says this:
"Continue with your mission to the planet surface. I will engage Trench's fleet with the ships I already have."
Wait, how does Obi-Wan know Trench's name? Is it supposed to be implied that Anakin, Yularen & Obi-Wan had an off screen discussion about it beforehand?

Also, the pilot of the Stealth ship says;
 "We have incoming bombers with fighter escort."
But there are no fighters to be seen, only the Hyena bombers.

~Season Three~

Supply Lines
When the Tactical Droid first enters Dooku's quarters, his eyes are not lit up... they are here.

Later during the final standoff, Captain Keeli and his men are shown fighting near a rock formation.
But a few seconds later they are out in the open.

In the same scene you can also see that the Grenade lands at one of the Trooper's feet.
Yet when the camera angle changes the Grenade explodes beside the Clone.

Kudos to Jordan PettoJan Ruppert & Savanna Kiefer for contributing to this edition of CWB!

I had a blast Re-watching these episodes, many of them I hadn't seen in years. Yes, with some of them the animation isn't that good, or the dialogue is kinda crummy(Compared to recent seasons) but there's something really special about them. I've enjoyed all the seasons thus far, but part of me misses the type of stories we got early on in the show. Nevertheless, we have a lot to look forward to. And by that I mean season five!! Are you looking forward to it? I know I am, and I especially can't wait to start analyzing another season. More Clone Wars Bloopers will be coming down the pipe very soon. And perhaps a new volume of "Classics" mid-season as well.

If you enjoyed this edition of CWB please be sure to share it with your friends and hit the Like & share buttons below! If I made a blooper of my own be sure to let me know in the comments below, or via email: Also, please check out my Facebook page for updates on future projects.

Until next time, MTFBWY! -B-


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