Saturday, July 14, 2012

SDCC 2012: The Clone Wars Panel

By: Ruari Williamson

Today was the day of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars panel at San-Diego Comic-Con. A ton of new The Clone Wars info was revealed, in order is how it occurred below:

-The new first episode Season 5 will be titled “Revival”. It will debut in August on the big-screen at Celebration 6. A clip from the episode was shown at the panel, featuring Droids looking around and then Maul & Savage taking them out. Maul may get new legs.

-We’ll find out about how well Obi-Wan really knows Anakin & Padme.

-We will finally see Sidious in the flesh. Most of Ian Abercrombie’s work was done in Season 5 before he passed away.

-Matt Michnovetz, the writer of the Umbara arc in season 4, is also a key writer on Star Wars: 1313.

-Talk about several important characters this season, including Ahsoka, Anakin, Obi-Wan, Death Watch & Bo-Katan.

-Bo-Katan will do more in Season 5 than Boba Fett ever did, Filoni says. Daniel Logan stands up from the audience at that comment.

-Boba won’t be in Season 5.

-A preview clip from Mandalore is shown. Two guards go to greet a ship. A mysterious robed guy force-chokes them. Obi-Wan fighting Death Watch in crazy jetpack action.

-Tons of deaths this season.

-There will be ONE Republic Commando this season, and he will do a lot. More Republic Commando stuff in development.

-None of Riff Tamson’s species in Season 5, but they will be back.

-More of the Shock Troopers role.

-Ahsoka will have a difficult year on some ways.

-Tarkin’s appearance on the show represents something that’s coming.

Check out the Maul preview clip over at Entertainement Weekly and the Mando clip over at IGN.


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