Friday, July 13, 2012

LucasArts Hiring For New Unannounced Videogame

By: Dave Bouressa

Recent news has surfaced that LucasArts is now hiring for a new unannounced first-person shooter. The new positions include senior core engineer and senior animator. As of now, nothing has been revealed about the game other than it is a “fps” and it will be developed for current and future generation console and PC hardware, possibly hinting at a release for the rumored Xbox720. It is possible that the game will also be available for the Wii U, however, given Nintendo’s focus on “family” gamers, it seems unlikely. Given the recent work that has been showcased for Star Wars 1313, anticipation for this game is at an all time high. As of now, fan rumors have spreading like wildfire, however three rumors seem to be the most prominent: 

1) Star Wars Battlefront 3 (the long awaited game, which will continue to live on in fan’s hearts no matter how many times we are told it’s not coming) 

2) Star Wars Republic Commando 2 (The sequel to 2003’s Republic Commando-whose main cast made a cameo appearance in the episode of The Clone Wars TV series; “Witches of the Mist”)

3) Continued work on the unnamed project that developer Clint Hocking was working on before leaving LucasArts.

Given the “fps” description, it appears that Republic Commando 2 is looking much more likely than Battlefront 3, however, at this point, the game could literally be anything-even something not Star Wars related. We’ll just have to wait and see what comes out of the mysterious world known as LucasArts…


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