Saturday, June 9, 2012

Star Wars Weekends Dave Filoni Q&A

By Chris Seekell

 On June 9th, Dave Filoni took the stage at Disney's Star Wars Weekends along with Weekend's host Ashley Eckstein for a Clone Wars question and answer session with the fans. We are collecting all of the info revealed in this article, and will update it with more information as it surfaces. Special thanks to Tosche Station and Savanna Kiefer for providing us with the bulk of this info. Filoni announced that there will be ties between the upcoming Onderon story arc and the formation of the rebellion against the Galactic Empire. In extension of the Season 4 finale, Darth Maul will be expanded upon, Obi-Wan will meet some more difficulties, and Ventress will be teaming up with someone else other than Obi-Wan. There will be more explanation about Maul and Talzin and how Maul was resurrected. ARC Trooper Fives will be a central character in Season 5, Ahsoka Tano will continue to be a major character, and we may be seeing some episodes screened at Star Wars Celebration VI this August. 

A few questions that Dave was asked included "Why did you bring Maul back?" and "Will we be seeing Ben Quadinaros soon?" Filoni replied that he brought Maul back because "George asked him to" and we won't be seeing the podracer any time soon. Dave also showed the audience a 2 minute long preview clip featuring Embo, which you can watch below.


Photo and video credits: Savanna Kiefer


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