Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Season 5 Details from Star Wars Insider

By: Dominic Jones
The upcoming issue #134 of Star Wars Insider has appeared online, including the interview with Supervising director Dave Filoni. In that interview many new details about season 5 of Star Wars: The Clone Wars were revealed. Here are some of the things we can expect this season: 1) The death of an original character. That's right season 5 will feature the death of character introduced to the galaxy for the series, but who could it be? Hondo? Cad Bane? Savage Opress? Captain Rex? Or could we finally see the ultimate fate of Ahsoka? 2) Criminals and The Underworld. The Black Sun crime organization, featured frequently in the EU, will be making an appearance. In addition Hondo Ohnaka will be returning along with other "rogues". 3) An R2-D2 Adventure! This will be "Artoo's biggest contribution to the war effort" according to Filoni who also said "it's definitely not a fairy tale" referencing las season's poorly received duology Mercy Mission and Nomad Droids. 4) More Embo action. We see Embo a c ouple of times in the leaked season 5 trailer and Filoni confirms that we'll be seeing more of him as well as his pet Marrock, who made a cameo in the season 4 episode Revenge. 5) Onderon! That's right the planet from the Tales of the Jedi comic series will be visited at some point during season 5.

In addition we also learned the titles for the first seven episodes:
  • A War on Two Fronts
  • Front Runners
  • The Soft War
  • Tipping Points
  • An Old Friend
  • The Rise of Clovis
  • Crisis at the Heart
For even more info on season 5 look to Star Wars: Insider #134 which hits shelves July 2012.


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