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5 On 5 Roundtable: The Clone Wars

Welcome to the 4th edition of the “5-on-5” Star Wars Roundtable! This crew features Daniel and Ben from the Star Wars Underworld . Joining them is Shanna, Charles, and Brian from the massive “Star Wars Geeks” group on Facebook. This week’s topic is the Clone Wars animated series. Enjoy!

1) What role do you think the Mandalorians will play in upcoming seasons?
Daniel: From what I have seen in the Season Five’s leaked trailer, it seems that we do not need to worry about the Mandalorians and Death Watch. We have seen how Death Watch-heavy is the Season Five trailer and it seems that the story they are involved in is coming to an end. Pre Vizsla seems to have reached his goal. Personally, the show has dragged the Death Watch/ Mandalorian storyline enough and I think that it is better to end it now with a blast! So I think that Death Watch will not return for another Season!
Charles: Seeing the trailer, you can tell that they will have an important role in this season, at least at first. Deathwatch has a huge beef against the Republic and the Jedi right now. I think Dooku is gonna try and use that to his advantage and continually hire them to be assassins and bullies. They are also gonna try and take control of Mandalore. I wonder if they'll end up destroying the planet and scattering the few remaining citizens on both sides?
Shanna: I am not sure about this. At first I was upset with how the Mandalorians were portrayed in The Clone Wars, but now I am not certain about them at all - how they are portrayed, what role they will play, etc. I believe that overall, they will side with the Republic, but beyond that I cannot be specific. I was surprised how peaceful most of them were in the TV series. They seemed to be out of Mandalore character. They did not fit the "mold" that I had already been presented in the Commando series (Karen Traviss), and that mold being one of a people with great strength and ready to fight for what they believe in. They prefer to be left alone, and I guess that is in the series as well. If they have their way, the Mandalorians would not be involved at all. I had a difficult time reconciling the series with the books so I didn't pay much attention to them.
Benjamin: From the looks of the recent Season 5 trailers there will indeed be a battle on Mandalore. Satine will most likely die at the hands of Death Watch. Why? Because she's Pacifist, she won't put up much of a fight will she? After that we can only assume Mandalore will return to its warrior ways and join the war on the side of the Separatists. I think we could easily see Death watch Troopers commanding the Droids armies in the future, perhaps to the equivalent of the Jedi to the Clones.
Brian: I hope the mandos play a big part in it but i doubt we'll see much other than deathwatch! The mandos haven't been portrayed well in the clone wars anyway, really a female queen, no Mandalore? Kind of a joke if you ask me anyway!! But I’d love to see Anakin give the deathwatch leader a nice ass kicking!!

2) Fact or Fiction: Ahsoka Tano will die in combat? If Fact, who will end her life?
Daniel: Fiction. Back in the day I really wished for Ahsoka to DIE painfully! Today Ahsoka has become her own thing rather than just an extension of Anakin and TCW crew is putting a lot of effort into her and I doubt they would just kill her off after all the effort! So I think she will live through the War. One other reason is Lux Bonteri who allows for Ahsoka to get more character growth. But if she is to die in combat I wish it to be from only one person to do it: Dooku
Charles: Fact. But with whom, I have two main theories: 1. She gets killed off in a freak accident or while battling Dooku, Maul or Opress. This will happen at the beginning to the middle of the final season. Anakin is going to be rightfully pissed off by this and he will need time to cool off so he can be somewhat sane for ROTS. 2. Because of her continued popularity with the younger crowd, the production team along with Lucas will keep her alive throughout the series. Lucas will then digitally add her to the Order 66 sequence in ROTS 3D. She will then be shot down by members of Anakin's own 501st that have been working under her up to that point.
Shanna: I do not care how Ahsoka dies as long as she just dies. I detest Ahsoka/Rex fandom, and because it exists, she must die a terrible death - without Captain Rex. I hope he kills her, and I hope he is happy about it. Seriously, I do believe that she will die in combat. She is not seen or mentioned in any of the film episodes. Skywalker would not have killed her unless she turns, and I cannot see that happening. With her conviction and quickness to action, I believe that she will jump to someone's aid, maybe coming to Obi Wan's aid against Maul, without any thought. Opress will jump in, and they will shred her. I think that she will kill one of them first. Just die, Ahsoka. No more Rex fandom for you.
Benjamin: Fiction: It would be too easy and predictable for her to just die at the hands of a random enemy. She has begun to mirror her master in many ways, whether that means she will soon start down the Dark path is uncertain. She doesn't have a troubled past like Anakin, besides the way she has conformed to his ways she's lived a basically normal Jedi life. But another factor to consider is the recent introduction of her love interest, Lux Bonteri. I believe he will play a pivotal role in her fate, whatever that may be.
Brian: Fact, Ashoka can't die any other way! I would like to see Anakin do it, but i think it will be either deathwatch or maul/ savage! But then again I keep tossing the vision she had on mortis around in my head, maybe she turns, maybe she just decides to leave the order all together, that's what I'd like to see but I see her dying to one of the two groups mentioned. I just don't want to see Grievous do it!!

3) Before TCW came out, Anakin never had a padawan and Jabba didn’t have a son. What character would YOU like to see added that we never considered?
Daniel: I would go with Obi-Wan’s family. I think that would be interesting to visit his home world of Stewjon and meet some kind of family like a brother or sister. It would be really odd but it would add to his character a lot because nothing builds a character better than seeing where a character came from. Like with Ventress!
Charles: With the rather loud voice of the fan base saying they don't want to see a young Han Solo, but still wanting to somehow get him in the series, the new character would be Han's dad. They could have him working with Hal Horn in Corsec for one episode. He gets killed protecting Garm Bel Ibis and at the end of the episode Horn mentions that Solo's wife is dead but he does have a son who will be taken care of at a local orphanage in Coronet.
Shanna: I would have liked to have seen the diabolic Ventress not fudge just about everything she put her hands on because she was far too intelligent for that. If her character had been developed and allowed to blossom, then we would have had an AMAZING villainess.
Benjamin: There are so many possibilities! I would love to see Garven Dreis, a.k.a "Red Leader" in ANH, who is said to have fought alongside Anakin and Obi-Wan in Battle of Virujansi. Or future Imperial admiral Kendall Ozzel, who has already appeared in a Clone Wars comic book. Besides that there are TONS of Jedi out there that deserve more screen time. And one Jedi in particular is at the top of my wish list: Rahm Kota. Need I say more?
Brian: I would like to have seen or see a'sharad hett / future Darth Krayt, it's the perfect time to show his missions in the outer rim and why he isn't around during order 66, and the sith structures and beings he meets. Why the Jedi send him to Korriban and other known sith worlds!! Plus it would be nice to see another Jedi who didn't agree with Yodas order and its doctrines. But then again wouldn't it be cool if Lucas decided to throw a few episodes in about the lost tribe? That’s what I’d like to see!!

4) It’s pretty clear that Darth Maul and Savage Opress will have quite the impact. If you were Maul, what's the first thing YOU would do to exact your revenge?
Daniel: If I was Darth Maul and I wanted revenge my first and most important task will be to kill everybody that Satine, Anakin, or Ahsoka cares for! Basically taking away anything that made his life brighter in this time of war. Many say that the Jedi do not grieve but everybody grieves… even Jedi. Clearly exampled by characters like Obi-Wan Kenobi and Ki-Adi Mundi! In the end I will not kill that person but rather I will leave him to live out his days knowing that he is alone in the galaxy!
Charles: Get back in touch with Sidous, pretending to be the loyal apprentice. Meanwhile plotting his demise because he didn't come to rescue me since he should have sensed that I wasn't actually killed on Naboo. You look at what he did for Anakin. He sensed that Anakin was in trouble and rescued him. Maul was nothing more than a pawn and I'm sure he figured that out during his insanity. Palpatine will of course string Maul and his brother along too for his own ends.
Shanna: The character I would have liked to have seen in The Clone Wars would have been a Sith villainess that was not the bungling idiot that Asajj Ventress was: A seductive, smooth talking, red light saber wielding, evil Sith Mistress. Not only can she scheme an evil plan, this diabolic Lady could also execute it with sleek precision. Strong in the dark art of the Force, she would have been a formidable opponent against Kenobi and Skywalker.
Benjamin: What is it that Sith crave the most? Power. Who holds the most Power? Sidious. If I were Maul I would be going after Palpatine... But not right now! When referring to the Clone Wars, Maul said in Revenge, "So it began, without me." He knows of Sidious's plan. Why try to take on Sidious and the Jedi yourself when you can wait a few years and let Sidious do all the dirty work for you?
Brian: My first step as maul would be to let my presence be known to Sidious, taunt his power and reach, then I’d focus on Obi-Wan and seek out the Jedi he cares the most about, not hard info to find, and personally kill them and send the holo-vids to the Jedi order, all the while, continuously drawing the Jedi to worlds where I’m not at, confusing and frustrating them, lead them on a goose chase as I pick off the stragglers, Then I’d focus all my attention on Anakin and Ashoka, the two people closest to Obi-Wan and force him to choose between the two as I pit Ashoka against myself and tie Anakin up with savage!! Obi-Wan would jump to help Ashoka and I'd kill her in front of him, cutting her in half!! Then take my revenge and battle Obi-Wan to the death, Anakin, beats Savage though, and then stops me from killing a helpless Obi-wan!!

5) Over or Under: The three year war of TCW will have seven seasons in it.
Daniel: Over. I personally think that the show must have more than seven seasons. Even after five seasons it has barely scraped the surface of this awesome period in Star Wars! This is a war spanning three years; a lot of things happen in just one day and this is a huge galaxy! So many stories can be told from many different points of view and not only from that of the main cast! And until I get every single CIS Council leader to appear on the show, I will continue wanting more seasons. So keep the seasons coming…
Charles: Over. This of course depends on how well the ratings go. It's not really that much of a kid’s show anymore and that is the major fanbase for this series. Maybe it will be continued with a spinoff cartoon. The clones that refused to carry out Order 66?
Shanna: Under. Although my desire for The Clone Wars is for it to last for as long as possible, I don't believe that it will. We are entering the fifth season, which is a long time for a Cartoon Network series. The animation and stories are top notch, but I don't believe that the general public will keep enough interest in the series for it to go past season six. Possibly, it may go to seven seasons, but I do not believe that it will go over that many. Once the interest of the general public begins to wane, corporate sponsors, thus funding, will begin to shrink. I do believe that the story line could easily give us another three years, but to be honest, I don't know how many more years/seasons could be squeezed out of the writers without making up completely ridiculous scenarios.
Benjamin: Over: I'll agree that they're pushing it, but a lot of stories could be seen as going on at the same, if they both don't involve the same characters that is. We must also consider that the show could continue into Revenge of the Sith, telling the story behind the story and possibly following Ahsoka and Rex's path. And you never know, The Clone Wars could morph into another series set in the Dark times... Just sayin'.
Brian: Over. Since I can't pick 7 lol I'd have to say over at 8, this season will bring us pretty close to the events of EP III, and I see season 6 as the final touches and a fair well to Ashoka, but honestly Lucas will stretch it out another year and give us some pointless few episodes about jar jar or something like that! I'd like to see some more about mortis and the celestials, if Lucas does that then I’ll be happy with a season 8 lol


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