Wednesday, April 18, 2012

TOR-iffic Awareness – Events You SHOULD Participate In!

By: Martin Coronell-Rodriguez/The Galactic Press
The new and improved SWTOR website. The aesthetics are very easy on the eyes.
Another TOR-iffic Awareness article here! I will just be recapping the current events going on at The Old Republic Cantina, that I believe none of you should miss! Participating in these events will make the community a great place to go to everyday, where new things will always pop up and everyone would like to mingle with others at any time. Having a community with participation will bind us all together, always helping to bring something fresh to the table and being able to further enhance gameplay on Star Wars: The Old Republic, just the few of many things people already participating would like. I just cannot fathom how some will "support" and then stay in the background, not really putting their effort in a community they were invited to join that they'd possibly like. So please, I urge you all to support us! This would also mean a lot to communities that have been helping us out like The Star Wars Underworld, Order of the Sith, For F***'s sake it's Star Wars, and more (that last page mentioned was censored for the younglings).

Already-drafted, in-game events for The Old Republic Cantina include:
  • Beginning the Journey: Even during the very beginning of the game, all of us will add each other and go through our class' starting planet to keep track of our journey. Not all classes start at the same planet, so we will keep track of our adventure until we can all meet together at our faction's respective fleet.
  • Underworld Invasions: We will have schedules for raiding bases of the opposite faction and attacking opponents and bosses that would generally require more manpower to take down.
  • Datacron Hunting: While going through the planets we will also be hunting down the datacrons. The datacrons will give us a bit of an extra stats buff to our character while giving us a sense of achievement. I plan to collect all the datacrons with all of our group players.
  • Flashpoints and Operations Campaigns: As a group or as a guild, we will gather to easily complete planet Heroics, Flashpoints and Operations that would normally be extremely difficult to complete if you're playing solo the entire game.
  • R&R: There are many things we'll do to get some more fun out of SWTOR. We will be taking a run through the planets to explore the scenery, listen to the sounds and look at the different species, play Fleet Tag, and have Speeder Racing events with prizes.
  • Formation: The Republic/Imperial Underworld!:  Once we get to the capital planet of our faction's planet, I will take my main character for the Empire and the Republic and we shall form both guilds. Those members who do assist me in the creation of these guilds will be given a high-ranking position within the guild.
The in-game events shown above were last mentioned in this article. It'd mean a lot for you to join me and other possible supporters and make a big part of the community from the servers we will be joining—we'd eventually be well-known. We're also trying to reach 200 'likes' by the end of April, so sharing and advertising our page to friends and other communities would be grateful—just make sure you have permission, if needed!

The Old Republic Cantina is now hiring, and we are looking for writers and consultants to collaborative with Chris and I to make more frequent updates on Star Wars: The Old Republic. Here is what I said regarding the information on the recruitment:
If a team is going to be assembled, I would take on the role as the Lead Writer for the team. Chris Seekell would be a consultant for us, and the rest of the team would consist of a few reporters and writers, with more consultants to help the team. You will also receive an administrative position on The Old Republic Cantina page on Facebook, and will have the chance to organize the Imperial and Republic guilds for The Star Wars Underworld. Keep in mind that this is a volunteer-type of service so you will receive no payment. This is because I'm looking for people who want to help The Star Wars Underworld-Old Republic community. This doesn't mean you can't participate in any events that could win you money or a free 60-day subscription, because we will try to organize events that anyone in the community will be eligible to join, whether you're an admin or not, consultant or writer, droid or Wookiee, Quarren or Mon Cala, Jedi or Sith; no matter the preference, most of our events will be held for anyone!
So if you're interested in working with me and Chris Seekell, please send me a message at, or preferably, contact me at Please give me a brief explanation on why you'd like to be part of the team, and if you're applying as a Writer or Consultant. I recommend providing me with related works you've done in any other communities. The deadline is Saturday, April 28, at 11:59pm EST. I will be discussing with Chris and possibly other Star Wars Underworld sponsors on each entry, and then we will choose from there. You will be notified via email or Facebook private messaging, whichever you prefer (make sure you tell us in your message).
Here is the full article, which also explains my disappointing, reoccurring absences.

The Old Republic Cantina is now hosting our first Profile Picture and Timeline Cover Contest! Click here to read the rules on the contest and how you can participate. I'd really love to see what people can do creating Old Republic era pictures! So if you're just an art newbie or an expert and are interested in participating, I highly recommend joining in the festivities!

Cleansing the Galaxy is another newly formed, in-game event The Old Republic Cantina is hosting on Star Wars: The Old Republic. This is the first official, in-game event that is being conducted by the page, and it will all begin on Saturday, April 21st, at 1pm EST/10am PST. The event will last until Monday, April 23rd, at 11:59pm EST. For more information on this event, please click here.

Thank you all for reading this TOR-iffic Awareness article, and please stay tuned for my upcoming Legacy article, which will I write soon! You all will like what you see about Game Update 1.2—I guarantee it!

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