Monday, April 23, 2012

Fan-Art: Katie Cook and Grant Gould

By Grace Sunstar

Fanart, like fanfiction, is a broad and often intimidating realm for one to navigate.  The Star Wars fandom has so much fantastic artwork for it out there, it's almost hard to grasp.  Today I'll show you two fantastic and quite famous fan-artists, whose art in general and for Star Wars in particular is becoming more well known across our galaxy.

The featured artists in this post will be Grant Gould, whose art has been featured on the badges for Celebration V and many Topps trading cards.  Grant Gould has some fantastic art, and he illustrated the "How To Draw: Star Wars The Clone Wars", written by Bonnie Burton.  His website can be found here:

Some of my personal favorite art pieces of his include...

Adult Ahsoka

Young Obi-Wan, Qui-Gon and Satine Kryze

Thrawn Legacy, TRON: Legacy, Star Wars version.

The second artist I will feature is Katie Cook.  Katie has done many pieces of Star Wars art as well, for trading cards and also clothing items, since her designs were featured on two Her Universe outfits so far.  Her art is irresistibly adorable, and very fun to look at!  Her website is found here:

A few of my favorite pieces of art from Katie are....

The Clone Wars girls...

Sad-face Obi-Wan

Empire Strikes Back card

Check back next week for more fan-artists to be featured!  If you are an artist, or know someone who is, let me know, your art may get featured in one of my articles here!


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