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EW Dave Filoni Live Chat Highlights


Last night, during the airing of "Brothers", Entertainment weekly hosted a live chat with Dave Filoni, supervising director of the Clone Wars. Dave was kind enough to answer many fan questions as well as several from the host, Christian Blauvelt. I picked several of the questions and answers that I thought were incredibly interesting, he teased several things that we can look forward to in Season 5 and beyond. Check them out below:

William Bard
Q. Any chance we could see San Hill in TCW?

A. Muun's have been in the show, in fact you may see more Muun's in the future

Dominic Jones
Q. I'm just wondering if we'll ever see the story how Pre Vizla got his scar from Count Dooku in a future Clone Wars episode or in some other medium?

A. I do not think we have ever discussed telling that specific story, but I don't believe its outside the realm of possibilities for a comic or novel in the future. In the end it seems all stories get told, as long as people want to hear them.

Rick Frable
Q. How does one get to be a voice actor on this show?

A. Good question, you have to be a member of SAG and submit a demo reel, preferably through an agency. But all the samples come across my desk and I sort through them to cast each part.

Alex Gregory
Q. Dear Mr Filoni, will we ever see CIS leaders like Gunray and Tambor return to the show and will some of the other CIS leaders from the movies like Tikkes and Passel Argente make an appearence on the show?

A. The CIS leaders are a bit different as to how they fit into things than was presumed in the EU. We have intentionally left them out so far while we figure out how to use them properly. They are after all businessmen and not Generals, so they would not be leading forces against the Republic in reality.

Alex Gregory
Q. Cheers for replying to my question Dave but will you ever show any of the separatist leaders again, if we can't have the others can't we at least have Gunray?

A. I think in time, you may see them again, Wat Tambor is cool after all.

Daniel Georgiev
Q. How is it too hard to have CIS leaders like Tikkes or Tambor on but then you do have all those Senators in the Galactic senate all the time? Why the Senators from the Republic may appear and the CIS council leaders can not!

A. This is a really involved answer, you have to start thinking of the Banking Clan, the Trade Federation etc as corporations and not solely part of the Separatists. For example, Gunray is a businessman, but a known Separatist conspirator, at least according to Obi Wan. The corporations sit in the middle.

Christian Blauvelt
Q. Wow, I love this junkyard planet. Why choose to create a new planet like Lothar Minor instead of just going with Ord Mantell or Kessel?

A. We tend to make new planets and aliens at times, that way we don't have to conflict with existing continuity. Thats not to say both planets you mention wont show up, its just not where Maul was dumped ;)

Michael Lima
Q. Where is Oppo Rancicis, or whoever the 12 council member is that we've not seen?

A. Here's a spoiler, you will at some point in the future see Oppo Rancicis, I approved his CG model already, but he has not been in a scene yet, so hopefully soon.

Christian Blauvelt
Q. Dave, right now is The Clone Wars' future open-ended? I know initially you guys had said it might run only five seasons, but it seems like you guys have several seasons of storytelling left. Thoughts?

A. We have so many stories it is really amazing, but thats what happens when you have such an expansive universe that people care about. I just keep making them until George says stop, thats my plan at least and I'm ok with it, lol.

Gregory Linares
Q. Dave, Why was the clone's Phase II armor introduced so late in the series? Any chance we might see a Commander Bacara/Galactic Marines and Ki Adi Mundi episodes?

A. We felt we were near a half way point in the war so we switched over. I would love to get Bacara in, still working on that.

Henry Johnson
Q. I missed your episode-by-episode commentaries this season. Might we see those return next season?

A. I really liked doing that too, there were allot of changes going on at and all I can tell you is we've had some meetings and discussed some cool future plans so hopefully we can do more clone wars stuff in the future, commentaries or otherwise. 

Q. Another important Fett question...Will we ever see Boba reclaim Slave I (through some heavy pursuasion) from Hondo? I like to think his/Jango's Manda' armour was left aboard the ship too!

A. You will see slave 1 in the future. 

Christian Blauvelt 
Q. Dave, maybe you can help settle a dispute here. Did Embo just escape from Republic custody following the unraveling of the kidnapping plot on Naboo? Or is there more to that than meets the eye?

A. There's more than meets the eye, Embo has a fantastic escape that was never I the episode, but it was very James Bond like. You can't keep Embo down, he's too cool, and now with pet wolf-dog albino anooba.

Matt Gilbert
Q. Dave, I was really sorry to hear about the passing of Ian Abercrombie. He did a fantastic job as Palpatine and in other works he'd done like Seinfeld. Has there been any talk of who will carry on the role going forward?

A. Ian is one of a kind. Among the many challenges I have had on this show, replacing Ian ranks among the hardest. I had such great respect and admiration for him. We still have many scenes with Ian in our show, and I promise you his performances are among his best. We miss him very much.

Michael Lincoln
Q. Can't wait until next week! Here's a question: Will the Jedi starfighters that we see in "Revenge of the SIth" make an appearance in the future?

A. Yep, eventually just like the Clone armor, there will be a clue in an episode before it happens.

Christian Blauvelt
Q. So Dave, what hints can you give about season five?

A. It's a big season of very important character moments. ALOT changes forever for some of our heroes. It's a big year for Ahsoka, Ashley's best work, very poweful.

Alex Gregory
Q. Will we see Dooku try to get revenge on Hondo? It was hinted at the end of Gungan General that Dooku would return to Florrum for revenge.

A. Dooku has a good memory, as do you Alex.

Henry Johnson
Q. Will an official timeline for the episodes ever be released to the public, following the completion of the final season?

A. Yes, I've talked about that alot, I think we need to find the best way to get it to you guys, but I agree you need it.

Christian Blauvelt
Q. Dave, will there ever come a time when you'll decide to show Palpatine as an outright villain on the show?

A. Mmmm, probably not Palpatine, George and I strategize alot around Palpatine and his duality. We have to be careful with it.

Dominic Jones
Q. Any possibillity Yoda will be explored more on the show?

A. We are very careful with Yoda, George wants to be sure what is revealed about him is what he wants. That being said it is possible, but will take some time if we do it.

Alex Gregory
Q. Did Admiral Trench die in Cat and Mouse Dave?

A. I find spiders hard to kill, dont you?

Daniel Georgiev
Q. Tikkes?

A. Just for you I'm going to go see what happened to that cg model. :)

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