Thursday, March 8, 2012

Clone Wars Bloopers: Ep. 4.20 "Bounty"


I love this episode, it had everything you could ask for... Including some bloopers!

First off, when the group arrives at the Space station, Dengar is last to exit the ship...
But when the shot changes Dengar is right behind Boba and Bossk.

At first the window behind Latts is completely missing.
When the shot changes it is shattered but not completely gone...
And when she throws the Space Ninja... *Ehem* I mean Kage Warrior out the window there is no sound to accompany the glass breaking.

Next, when the Kage warriors first attack, Dengar is carrying a rifle, which he drops upon getting kicked in the face.
Later the weapon is nowhere to be seen on the deck.

Later on, when Boba calls on Asajj, "I need you in the back." both of them actually walk toward the front of the train to a car... 
...That looks identical to the rear car.
It appears that the train has the same type of cars at both ends. So it's a dialogue fail nonetheless.

And lastly, when the train is initially attacked, most, if not all the windows are broken. 
Near the end of the episode, when the Train stops, all the windows on that side are still intact.

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Mini Review
This episode was pure Star Wars awesomeness!! The animation was gorgeous; Tatooine looked straight out of the films and Quarzite was breathtaking. The story was simple and interesting; put a bunch of Bounty hunters on a Train, throw in some Ninjas and a "Box" and you've got an epic plot. The music was fantastic; the tune in the Cantina was catchy and fit right in with other Modal Nodes classics. I also loved the rock/classical mix in one scene, reminded me of some of the music from Season 1. The action was some of the best of the entire series; Boba and Asajj kicked butt, Simon Pegg... *Cough* I mean Dengar was pretty epic, even if he did go out like a punk, and space Ninjas FTW! I really like what they're doing with Ventress' character, She's been a Jedi, a Sith and now a bounty hunter. Where will she go next? Overall, 11/10.

Until next time(MAUL!!), MTFBWY! -B-


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