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TOR-iffic Awareness – Enter: The Old Republic Era!

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I'd just like to start off saying thank you to all my fellow readers and followers at The Old Republic Cantina, and the crew of The Star Wars Underworld.You all are very supportive and amazing people, and I probably wouldn't be doing this without your help. It is time that I now promote TOR-iffic Awareness, a meme that will help promote Star Wars: The Old Republic among the Underworld community. The Old Republic Cantina was made to keep the Underworld more organized and reserved a special place for the community to have a hub for this amazing game, whilst promoting both the Underworld as a whole and for this specific part of the Expanded Universe. I have done so much to try and get this part of the Expanded Universe more known to the Underworld community, and I now I ask my fellow readers and followers if they can spread TOR-iffic Awareness around the community. We need to let other Star Wars fans know on how much they're missing out on such a great game that dates back to an era with so much history.

An image Chris made for me, and where TOR-iffic Awareness came from.
One way I have started to try and promote TOR-iffic Awareness is to start Underworld- and Cantina-sponsored events that will take place in SWTOR. There have been no dates set for these upcoming events that I've created for the community, but once I see a surge of TOR-iffic Awareness these dates will be immediately set. I would like to travel the galaxy with the Underworld during an era that takes place over 2,000 years before the setting of the Star Wars movies, and a great way to do this is to go by large groups (and eventually as a guild) in SWTOR by the time the event dates are set.

Current ideas of events to host for SWTOR are:
  • Beginning the Journey: Even during the very beginning of the game, all of us will add each other and go through our class' starting planet to keep track of our journey. Not all classes start at the same planet, so we will keep track of our adventure until we can all meet together at our faction's respective fleet.
  • Underworld Invasions: We will have schedules for raiding bases of the opposite faction and attacking opponents and bosses that would generally require more manpower to take down.
  • Datacron Hunting: While going through the planets we will also be hunting down the datacrons. The datacrons will give us a bit of an extra stats buff to our character while giving us a sense of achievement. I plan to collect all the datacrons with all of our group players.
  • Flashpoints and Operations Campaigns: As a group or as a guild, we will gather to easily complete planet Heroics, Flashpoints and Operations that would normally be extremely difficult to complete if you're playing solo the entire game.
  • R&R: There are many things we'll do to get some more fun out of SWTOR. We will be taking a run through the planets to explore the scenery, listen to the sounds and look at the different species, play Fleet Tag, and have Speeder Racing events with prizes.
  • Formation: The Republic/Imperial Underworld!:  Once we get to the capital planet of our faction's planet, I will take my main character for the Empire and the Republic and we shall form both guilds. Those members who do assist me in the creation of these guilds will be given a high-ranking position within the guild.
These events and ideas will help bring a bigger fan-base to The Old Republic Cantina and The Star Wars Underworld, and this will help TORC achieve its goal to reach 200 fans by the end of April. Please help by supporting us with TOR-iffic Awareness and to help TORC get to 200 fans by the end of April!

Another idea I have will be my own fan-fiction I'll be writing that will take place during the Old Republic era. Chris Seekell, Benjamin Hart, Jordan Petto, Stephen Stanton, and my other Star Wars buddies will have their own characters in these novels. The Old Republic era is a time where there's so much you can create so that's where I'll be starting with my upcoming novels. This is just an idea so there isn't much I can say on this, but these fan-fics will be as Plo Kool as possible! Each character will have their own story and many of us will cross paths, be betrayed, save lives, develop and change, but some may not even change at all. Each character will be a favorite of someone in the Underworld, I guarantee it!

If you are a fan-fiction author and want to collaborate in the creation of my story, please feel free to add me and contact me on Facebook! For those of you who will have a character or think you'll have one yourself, feel free to message me to talk about it! I am open to many ideas regarding my new fan-fictions I'll be writing set during an era where there's so much you can expand upon.

Until then, everyone! Be sure to promote TOR-iffic Awareness, and stay tuned for my follow-up article for SWTOR news February 16th onwards! 

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