Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Clone Wars Bloopers: Ep. 4.17 "The Box"

By: Benjamin Hart

First off, the ship has heavy damage on it's front and left side when it arrives on Serreno.
 But if you remember from the last episode, it crash landed on it's right side. And even then it didn't appear to take much damage.

Next, when the group enters the box, they step onto a solid white, rectangular platform.
But when it raises into the Box it is square and made of of several smaller boxes, like the interior of the Box.

In the "Lightsaber room", when Hardeen/Obi first spots the exit shaft, it appears to be blocked...
 But when he points it out to Bane it's clear.

In the first scene inside the box when Morallo Eval appears via the humongous view screens the green Tattoos on the right side(his left) of his face are on the left.

In the next room the problem is fixed...
 And when they reach the ray shield room the markings are yet again on the left side.

 Random Note: Tattoo Troubles
Throughout this episode and the preceding ones, Eval's Tattoo(Or what I assume to be a Tattoo) seemed to be a greenish color, especially around his Eye.
But near the end of this episode when he faces off against Rako it appears to be purple. I don't think this is a blooper, simply a lighting trick. Still pretty weird.

Thanks to Ruari for helping me out with this one! If I made a blooper of my own let me know in the comments. If you enjoyed this edition of CWB please click the share buttons below!

I didn't have a good first impression of this episode, but after several viewings I really think it was a great episode. It was simple, fun, and Cad Bane had some great, quotable lines as usual. On a side note I love Rako's helmet design, it's great to see TCW crew recycle old designs like that. Overall I give this episode a 9.1/10

Until next time, MTFBWY! -B-


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