Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Jumping Out From Hyperspace to 'Rise of the Rakghouls'


I've jumped out of hyperspace everybody! I would just like to start off noting that I will be working out a very complex schedule for myself in order to become a full-time, regular writer for The Star Wars Underworld. I have come back from the depths of the Unknown Regions to inform you all on just a bit on my plans for the next couple of weeks, and to tell you all about the release of Star Wars: The Old Republic's Game Update 1.1 called 'Rise of the Rakghouls', the first of the many regularly-scheduled content updates to come for the story-driven MMO.

So far I have talked to Dominic Jones, Chris Seekell, and Savanna Kiefer about coming back from my hiatus and informing them on my plans for the community. With Dominic, I told him I will be submitting regular articles on The Star Wars Underworld website mostly for Star Wars: The Old Republic, but there are some other plans I do have which won't be announced at this time. As for my conversation with Chris and Savanna, I can't say much except that The Old Republic Cantina Facebook page owned by Chris and I will now be revived. The other upcoming plans that Chris, Savanna and I conversed about won't be disappointing, either! Chris, Savanna and I got a chance to get together and chat over Skype and talk about our plans, while I sent a message to Dominic over Facebook to keep in touch and let him know that I'll be fulfilling that pending spot I have as a reporter and writer for Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Now, let's get to that content update BioWare released today. Originally, 'Rise of the Rakghouls' was supposed to be released Tuesday, January 17, 2012, but was delayed due to "issues requiring additional testing". Luckily, the issues weren't severe and 'Rise of the Rakghouls' was released today, Wednesday, January 18, 2012.

"Hey guys, another big droid! What do we do?"  "Kill it."

There are a numerous amount of add-ons to the game with Game Update 1.1. The already-existing "Karagga's Palace" Operation was given a major expansion that has more than tripled the size of the Operation! This Operation will truly test the skill of you and your allies as you fight Karagga's army of bounty hunters and battle droids before culminating for an enormous final battle. While making your way through Karagga's palace, you will be given many rewards and even better ones if you take on the Operations in hard mode!

You will also get a brand new Flashpoint entitled 'Kaon Under Siege'. This Flashpoint takes you and your teammates to the planet Kaon, which has been plagued with a horrible Rakghoul virus outbreak. While playing through the Flashpoint and fighting these savage beasts, you will encounter a small band of survivors and learn the truth behind the outbreak. 'Kaon Under Siege' offers players an experience of a brand new story, and at the same time you can unlock new gear!

Finally, Game Update 1.1 will also include a numerous amount of bug fixes which will help make the game experience increasingly smoother. The next major update for this MMO is planned to come out sometime in March 2012.

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