Saturday, January 21, 2012

"Deception" Review

This was overall a good episode. Had several things that I didn't like, but when
we got to see Cad Bane break out of prison by causing a prison riot, you've
gotta love it at least partially.

As for the beginning of the episode, I'm just going to keep it simple because I didn't like it that much. Obi-wan got "killed" by Rako Hardeen, we learn that he's not actually dead, and he gets
transformed into Rako Hardeen because the guy now has a reputation as a Jedi Killer.

Big whoop. We all knew from the start that Obi-wan didn't die for real, and the only thing that kept this thing interesting was the fact we saw how Anakin was affected by Obi-wan's "death". He looked very sad and angry, and it was interesting to see "what if Obi-wan died before Anakin turned to the dark side". Beyond that though, it was very boring and pointless.

Also, Obi-wan's transformation was simply to weird for my tastes. I mean, I know it's
Star Wars and anything can happen, but having some sort of Frankenstein "He's alive!" moment was stupid, and the little voice-changing droid that Obi-wan had to swallow would've likely killed him half-way down Obi-wan's throat.

Anyway, Anakin arrests Obi-wan who thinks it is Hardeen, and we finally get to something interesting. The whole point of taking up Hardeen's identity was to get close to a criminal Moralo Eval, who had plans to assassinate the Chancellor or something like that. Well, Obi-wan gets a little info out of the guy, but Cad Bane stops too much of anything from getting through. It's fairly obivous that Bane both distrusts and dislikes Obi-wan/Hardeen, and thus gives me
a reason to further like his character-a good villain trusts no one.

Anyway, Bane stopped Obi-wan's involvement because he is actually involved with Eval's plan and is the one hired to break Eval out. Bane's plan was one of the best villain-based plans of the series-start a prison riot and escape in the chaos. We got a brief scene showing Boba and Bossk causing said breakout, and then Bane and Eval began to escape. Obi-wan followed them, and
Eval let him join with Bane reluctantly agreeing.

The trio escaped through the morgue while shooting a few unlucky clone troopers (I imagine this must've been hard for Obi-wan considering he doesn't really want to see them die) and they hyjack a police speeder as their ride out of the facility. They then steal a large transport from some Quarren (poor guy).

Now that Ive gone over the episode, I want to discuss a couple of things before I conclude my review. For starters, I felt that Obi-wan trying to portray Harkeen was a bad idea. During his imprisonment, he stabbed a Karkadon in the hand, and tried to intimidate as many people as possible. I just simply couldn't see a beloved character mlike Obi-wan doing all this. Yes, I know it was a desperate time, but still, I'm sure the team could've thought of something else. Maybe they could've hired the actual Harkeen to get the needed information, thus giving us the
extra suspense of multiple uneasy alliances.

Another thing I disliked was a missed opportunity. The team had it all. They had the prison facility, the prison riot, and most importantly, the prisoners. WHY DIDN'T THEY FREE THE CIS
LEADERS WHO'VE BEEN IMPRISONED FOR TWO OR MORE SEASONS!? Seriously, we all know that Wat Tambor and Poggle the Lesser have to get out sometime. Why not now when there was a mass break-out? Very disappointing they didn't act on that opportunity.

I'll rate this episode a 7/10. Good, but having a lot of things I didn't like in it. I hope the rest of this bounty hunter arc improves because they can't just rely on Bane to make this storyline cool. Not much more to say in all honesty, so I simply wish that the Force will be with you all and that you find this review helpful. Thank you!


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