Thursday, January 26, 2012

Clone Wars Bloopers: Ep. 4.14 "A Friend In Need"

By: Benjamin Hart

It's gonna be short and sweet this time guys. Out of The few bloopers I found in this episode, almost all them were in the same scene!

In the opening scene when Lux is being taken away by the Commando Droids, and all the following scenes, there is no gun in his holster.
But when Lux runs towards the "Phoenix" a Gun has appeared..
 And when he runs up the boarding ramp it is gone again.
But after they are on board the ship, Lux draws it on Ahsoka.

Next, Just after Ahsoka and Lux run onto the ship during the firefight, the boarding ramp raises very fast and almost closes.
 But when it changes to a wider shot the ramp is still on the ground and it begins to raise much slower

And finally, in the close shot of Ahsoka and Lux running up the ramp, there is nothing the background...
 But in the wider shot you can see the Tantive IV in the background.
And in another angle you can see that the background is completely filled with the ship.
Notice the cylinders.

 Random Note: "Now there are two of them."
Speaking of the Tantvie IV, when Ahsoka and Lux are escaping Mandalore aboard the Phoenix, off to the left and right of the Ship you can spot-not one-but TWO Tantive IV's!

If I made a blooper of my own please let me know in the comments. If you enjoyed this edition of CWB please use the share buttons below and tell your friends... And enemies.

This was a straight up good, well paced episode! Lux and Ahsoka had a lot of character development in this one, specifically Lux. Now that he's a "Rouge" character, disenfranchised with all sides of the war, it'll be interesting to see what happens to him as the series goes on. I also think he could play a significant part in Ahsoka's fate eventually, time will tell. Pre Viszla has been one of my favorite characters TCW has produced, so seeing him back along with his posse, the Death Watch, was refreshing. I'm excited to hear that they will be playing a larger role in season 5. Lastly, I loved Artoo's inclusion in this episode, his sound design and animation is dead on with the Original trilogy, and as always he saved the Heroes' skins in the end! Overall, I give it a 9.5/10.

Until next time, MTFBWY! -B-


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