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Clone Wars Bloopers: Ep. 4.12 "Slaves Of The Republic"

By: Benjamin Hart

Sweet Mother of Anakin Skywalker!! The bloopers in this episode seemed to be endless!

First off, at the start of the episode Anakin's Lightsaber is above his belt, where there is no clip. Even worse is that the round connector on the hilt appears to be facing away from his body.
Wait, wait... I get it. He's using Double stick tape!

The blasters that Obi-Wan and Rex carry disappear and reappear throughout the episode. Anakin carries one as well, up until he enters the Palace. It would make sense that it would be taken away from him prior to meeting the Queen, so I don't consider That a blooper.
At first, before the ship's doors open, Rex has a gun on his side but Obi-Wan does not.

When the angle changes, Obi-Wan's gun appears.
When they first walk into the city they still have their guns...
...But after Aankin speaks with Atai Molec, both of their Guns are gone.
Then a little later in the Slave Market scene, both are still missing their guns...

Now you see Rex's ...
...And now you don't.
 And now it's back...
...And poof! It vanished again!
Rex is quite the magician!

Next, some of the Slaves wrists are held together,
but there is nothing binding them.
By the way, both of those guys are identical.

In the scene where Molec first appears, he is leading a group of slaves. When he is confronted by Anakin, they are standing amongst the Slaves...

 ...which seem to disappear as the scene progresses.

When Anakin "Introduces" Ahsoka to the Queen, he pulls her robe off revealing her slave costume. In the first frame he grabs the robe around the chest area...
...But when the shot changes his is clinging to the hood.
 And when the camera zooms out, the robe is nowhere to be seen.

At the start of the scene where Obi-Wan and Rex are exploring the slave market, the first shot gives us an ariel view of the slave holding pits. Obi-Wan is standing in between two of the pits but closer to the one on the right as Gorga the Hutt approaches him. A group of Talz are in the pit to the left while some Narglatch's are in the right pit.
 When the camera moves to the ground, Obi-Wan seems to be looking at the Talz... in the right pit.
A few seconds later, Rex locates Governor Roshti... in the left Pit.
Note: Notice the pipe connected to the edge of the Narglatch's pit, there is not one on the Talz's pit...
...but when the camera zooms in there is.

When Obi-Wan is being tortured, his shackles are invisible...
 ...but a few seconds later they are glowing.

At first when Obi-Wan enters the arena he is not wearing a shock collar.
 When Anakin yells, "Ahsoka, the Queen!" he is now wearing one...
...And it's gone again...
...And now it's back.

There are Two mishaps with Ahsoka's Lightsaber; One, when Artoo launches Ahsoka's Lightsaber to her, the hatch on his dome does not open like it did with Anakin and Obi-Wan's(Top pic). So the Lightsaber literally passes through the hatch. Wasa!?

Secondly, when she firsts ignites her Saber and holds it to the Queen's neck, it is her original, long Saber.
Soon after the Queen electrocutes her and she falls to the ground. The saber that falls to the ground is not her longer Saber, but yet her shorter, Shoto Saber Hilt. 
Note: Notice the prongs near the emitter on the first Saber that aren't on the second one.

During the battle, just before Obi-Wan gets taken down, if you look closely in the background, Anakin's left hand is snagged by the Gaurd's lightwhip, but it doesn't harm him.
Anakin yanks the whip, launching the Gaurd into the air. With the the Whip still wrapped around his hand, Anakin flips the Whip's handle back into his hand.
 The camera then cuts away to Obi-Wan falling, when it returns to Anakin, there is nothing in his hand...
 ...But almost instantly it's back again.

Next, When Anakin is being "Subdued" by the Lightwhip wielding guards, the number of whips changes;
 At first his left hand is ensnared by two whips, along with his right hand and leg.
When the angle changes to the Queen's viewpoint, there are two whips attached to each hand and two around his neck, but none on his legs.
When it zooms back to Anakin there is only one around his neck.
When he falls to the ground and the angle changes again there is now three whips around his neck and one on each hand.

When Obi-Wan, Rex and Roshti arrive on Kadavo, there is not a Togruta standing in one of the white boxes...
...But when the trap doors open, a Torguta can be seen falling through the same box.

Random Note: Plot Hole Alert!
"Anakin has never talked about his past, has he?"
"Only to tell me he won't talk about it."
This is a conversation Obi-Wan and Ahsoka had in the last episode, "Kidnapped". Obi-Wan goes on to tell her about Anakin and his Mother being slaves. The plot hole comes in this episode, when Anakin mentions to Ahsoka, "...Before the Hutts bought my Mother, she was sold in a market just like this." So are we supposed to assume that Ahsoka and Anakin had an off screen conversation in between these two episode, in which Ahsoka told him what Obi-Wan had said? To me it seems like a lot to assume. Would Anakin not be upset that Obi-Wan is sharing info that he obviously wants to keep a secret? Tell me what You think in the comments below!

If you enjoyed this edition of CWB please click the share buttons below! Big thanks to Ruari for providing many of the bloopers above! If I made a faux pas of my own, let me know in the comments.

Mini Review
What a great episode! It definitely had a classic Star Wars feel to it, and not just because it's climax referenced one of my favorite scenes of the Original Trilogy. Once again Obi-Wan got whooped but at least he go to kick a little butt. Anakin's attitude towards the Zygerrians changed drastically from the last episode which left an annoying inconsistency. Ancient Egypt was obviously the inspiration for much of the architecture and costumes on Zygerria. Overall I give this one an 8/10, an instantly classic episode.

Until next year, MTFBWY! -B-


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