Thursday, October 6, 2011

Clone Wars Bloopers: Ep. 4.04 "Shadow Warrior"

By: Benjamin Hart

Welcome to another edition of Clone Wars Bloopers!

First off, Padmé shoots one of the Commando Droids in the chest...
...but later it doesn't show any damage.

When Anakin finishes off the last Commando droid, his Lightsaber can clearly be seen hanging from his belt.

Also, the knife Rish Loo uses to stab Boss Lyonie seems a bit too clean.

It's really hard to tell, but I don't believe Rish Loo has a wound after Dooku stabs him.

This is a tricky one... Watching the scene where Dooku contacts Padmé near the end of the episode, you'll notice something peculiar about the position of her hand. When she first turns on the Holoprojector her arm is extended out in front of her and she is looking straight at Dooku's Holographic form.
When it cuts to Dooku the Holoprojector is closer to her waist and she's looking at Dooku's actual face and not at his hologram.
A few seconds later her arms are at her side....
...and now we're right back where we started.
This type of thing is a common occurrence in not just TCW but the six films as well. 

Random Note: Ouch Time
Great animation here but creepy nonetheless...

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Mini Review
These flaws didn't ruin this beautifully animated episode! As short as it was, Grievous' face off with General Tarpals and the Gungans was in an instantly classic scene as well as Dooku and Anakin's duel. Tarpals sacrifice was thrilling but it turned out pretty pointless considering Grievous' release. It had a great plot but it was unfortunately underused, it deserved more than one episode devoted to it. Putting Anakin and Grievous within in feet of each other pushed the limits of cannon to say the least. I give this one a 6.9, a very enjoyable little thrill ride that ended too quick.

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