Friday, May 20, 2011

Clone Wars Bloopers: Classics Vol. I


During the break between seasons three and four I've decided to go back and scour all the episodes prior to Nightsisters for mistakes. In this edition, Clones have wardrobe malfunctions, Grievous has hand troubles and more Clones are caught teleporting in and out of scenes. I hope you enjoy!

The Clone Wars Movie
When Cody gets word from Kenobi to "Prepare the Gunships for ground assault", Cody is missing his signature orange visor.
When he arrives on Teth it reappears.
During the same battle, Rex appears to have lost his Kama.

1.02 Rising Malevolence
Wolffe, Sinker and Boost hop into the escape pod as Plo Koon stands outside waiving them in.
Next we see Wollfe and another trooper run inside the pod.. wait? What's going on here?

1.03 Shadow Of Malevolence 
Artoo? What are you doing here?

Rookies 1.05
Throughout the episode Echo wears red binoculars on his helmet but in some scenes they disappear. For instance, when the commando droids are attacking at the beginning of the episode it isn't seen at all.

 When they exit the air duct it reappears...
...and later on it's gone again...
 ...And it's back. :-/

1.07 Duel Of The Droids
Ahsoka cuts Grievous' hand off and escapes...
...Grievous jumps in his shuttle and still has his hand...
...and it's gone again... weird.

1.08 Bombad Jedi 
Check out the inside of this shuttle. It has no detail to it at all, just the inside... of the outside, if that makes sense. Notice the three circles on the inte, those are the lights outside... seen here.
But it's supposed to look like this...

1.10 Lair Of Grievous
During his duel with Kit Fisto, one of Grievous' arms becomes disconnected... but stays connected... but, oh just look. 
On the same arm, he loses his hand... for a short time.
And yet it grows right back. Amazing!

2.09 Grievous Intrigue
When Eeth Koth and Grivous are fighting, notice Koth's Lightsaber. It's on when he moves to Force push Grievous into the window, but in the next second it's off and there's no disengaging sound heard from the Ligthsaber. 

Later on, when Grievous is Boarding Obi-Wan's ship, he obviously uses all four of his Lightsabers to cut a circle in the airlock door. 
 But when the boarding party enters there's no sign of Grievous. It isn't until after the Commando droids dispatch the Clones that Grievous finally comes walking through the door, as if he had just arrived.

Next, we see Obi-Wan, Cody and two Clones fighting the incoming droids.
In the next shot Cody and the other Clones have disappeared.

Later, when Adi Gallia drops a line to Obi, Cody and the clones, the last remaining 212th Clone trooper loses his orange stripes for a brief moment. Now you see them...
...and now you don't.

2.18 The Zillo Beast
When Hawkeye and Trapper fall off the Zillo beast and take off running, neither of them has a Blaster.
 Yet when they run by a few seconds later (When either Trapper or Hawkeye get's stepped on) they've regained their weapons.

3.01 Clone Cadets
In the first battle scene, just after Echo and Hevy are "Killed", the camera moves up to the viewing box where you can see two cadets running for cover on the right side of the battlefield(Camera's left). 

When the camera zooms in to confirm it's Cutup and Fives, they are on the opposite side of the battlefield

I guess that does it for the first edition of CWB: Classics. A special thanks to my buds Jordan and Anthony for contributing many of the bloopers seen here. If I made mistakes of my own please leave a comment below. If you enjoyed it please click the share buttons. 

Until next time, MTFBWY! -B-


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