Thursday, April 7, 2011

Clone Wars Bloopers: Season Three Finale

By: Benjamin Hart

Since there were so few mistakes between these two episodes I decided to combined them into one post, I hope you enjoy!

Padawan Lost

 First off, just after Anakin says "Don't get cocky" to Ahsoka (I've heard that line before somewhere.) she walks under the tank with several Clone Troopers in front of her. Might I add the Clones she's following are wearing Jet packs and Ahsoka's troops did not, but they could be Plo Koon's squad. Who knows?
The camera cuts back to Anakin and then pans away to show both tanks, but there's no sign of Ahsoka or the Clones. How could they have gotten out of frame that fast?

Later on, after they shoot down Kalifa, Garnac tells his son, Dar to finish her off. Dar is wearing a rifle on his shoulder and the barrel stretches above a roll bar at the top. Dar is standing near the front of the speeder and and his rifle is on the inside of the roll bar.
When he jumps out he doesn't duck down to avoid the bar.

Random Note: Lightsaber color FAIL
If you compare the color of Ahsoka's Lightsaber Shoto from this episode to earlier episodes you can tell it's changed. For example, in this scene from the last episode, "Citadel Rescue", her Shoto appears to be a pail yellow.
Yet when in this episode it appears to be a slightly lighter green than her larger saber.

Wookiee Hunt

Firstly, when the ship crashes on the beach you can tell that most of the ship is still visible. Notice the cockpit and the left side of the ship.
The next morning when the Trandoshans discover the wreckage it appears to be deeper in the sand and tilted more forward and to the left than it was before.
A logical explanation of this would be that after the ship was crashed the digital set was rebuilt to accommodate the following sequences. So basically they are two different sets that don't match.

Next, while inside the downed ship, Chewie fills a box with different materials needed to make a transmitter. 
 Chewie carries the box outside and drops it when the Sniper attacks. When they go to leave no one in the party seems to be carrying it.
And of course later the parts make it to their destination... Somehow!

After that, the group brings their Trando prisoner back to the beach and his hands are supposed to be tied in front of him with a vine, but in one particular shot there's no sign of it.
Yet a few moments later Jinx removes the vine, as if it was there all along.

Random Note: Smug not Spock!
A lot of people, including myself noticed a Star Trek reference in this episode. The Trandoshan that Chewie and the Padawans capture was seemingly named "Spock". In fact his name was said twice and it sounded just like "Spock" but nonetheless it's not. His name is actually "Smug" and if you listen to his name with this in mind you'll understand.

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I consider these two episodes to be some of the best of the series. Out of the two Wookiee Hunt was my favorite because, like many fans, I love action in my Star Wars. Chewbacca was done incredibly well, You can tell the man himself, Peter Mayhew had a hand in this. My only complaint is that his mouth was sometimes a little too animated to fit in with the movies in my opinion. The visuals in these episodes were magnificent, I loved how each and every Wookiee and Trandoshan was not just a little different but A LOT different. It shows how far the show has come from having all the enemy henchmen look exactly the same in past episodes. If Season four is just half as awesome as the second half of season three I'll be happy! This season's closing is bittersweet, no more weekly Star Wars mini movies but we do have a lot to look forward to, October can't get here soon enough. Even though the seasons over doesn't mean the bloopers will stop, I'll elaborate on that later! ;-)

Until next time, MTFBWY! -B-


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