Saturday, February 12, 2011

Clone Wars Bloopers: Ep. 3.17 "Ghosts of Mortis"

By: Benjamin Hart

The Mortis trilogy was magnificent on so many levels, but it was almost too magnificent. There have been no Bloopers in the Arc... until now.

Seems that we some Lightsaber troubles in this episode:
First, When Obi-Wan arrives in the well of the Dark side, his Lightsaber is not on his belt nor in his hand.
But yet a few seconds later when Anakin leaves it's back on his belt.

Later on during the climax of the episode, after Anakin has been thrown aside, Obi-Wan and Ahsoka go to attack the Son. He quickly dispatches them by taking their Lightsabers and Force pushing them away.
He tosses the Lightsabers behind him and turns his attention to the Father.
A few minutes later after the Father dies, Ahsoka and Obi-Wan stroll back over to where they were standing before and their Lightsabers are not on their belts.
But soon after when Mortis begins to fade out the Lightsabers have reappeared on their belts.

Random Note: "Now you know how it feels!"

That's all folks! I hope you enjoyed this one. If I missed anything please tell me in the comments below.

Mini Review
I really, really enjoyed this episode and this entire trilogy. Definitely the best Clone Wars episodes we've seen to date. A lot of us were wondering how they we're going to pull this one off and I have to say, Dave Filoni and crew hit the nail on the head. From the music, to the story, to the acting, to the sheer emotion, it all took a step up in these episodes. If the rest of season is even half this good we have a lot to look forward to. With that all I have to say is, See ya next week and MTFBWY! -B-


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