Wednesday, August 3, 2016

New 'Rogue One' Still Reveals U-Wing Fighter

By: Benjamin Hart

Today on the latest episode of The Star Wars Show, hosts Andi Gutierrez and Peter Townley revealed a brand new still from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, along with a brand new ship from the film. We previously heard about about this ship from various sources, but now Lucasfilm has pulled back the curtain on the U-Wing!

The still(above) reveals an amazing view of Yavin IV's landscape that includes the massive and iconic Massassi Temples, along with a collection X-Wings in the foreground and a U-Wing floating above them. The Lucasfilm Story Group's Matt Martin was on hand to reveal the news and give details about the U-Wing. Martin explains that the ship's technical name is "Incom UT-60D" and it is a troop transport and gunship. The U-Wing's forward mandibles also fold out and back to accommodate different situations. He further elaborates on it's purpose:

"It's there to bring in rebel troops to heavy fire zones and get our as quickly as possible... and provide air support."

Matt Martin also mentions that the U-Wing was secretly revealed back at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim last year in the first piece of concept from Rogue One(below). You may also recall that on a previous episode of The Star Wars Show, Pablo Hidalgo revealed that the new alien character, Bistan, is a door gunner on board a U-Wing Fighter in the film. It's good to finally see the U-Wing in full!

It sounds like this ship serves a similar purpose to the LAAT gunships that the Republic utilized during the Clone Wars. Being that we've never before had the opportunity to see how the Rebel Alliance deploys its troops, it will be awesome to finally see this ship in the film, and hopefully future stories involving the Rebellion.

Source: The Star Wars Show

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  1. Love it!! It looks really cool! Hope it turns up in episodes 8 or 9 too. It always bums me out when great designs are used as a one & done.

  2. I like it, has a nice used/classic look!

  3. Michael is would highly doubt we'll see them in any movie after this one because of the timeline, even the X-wings in TFA looked considerably different so i'd assume that the other rebellion ships would either not exist or be very different in terms of looks. It's a long time between Rogue One and TFA but still, I agree it'd be cool to see.

  4. Who cares The u-wing Its YAVIN 4!!!!

  5. Hmm... X-wing, Y-wing and Nubian Cruiser combined together. Don't like it, to be honest.

  6. The mandible / wing things seem kind of useless. I don't know what "different situations" would be accommodated by sweeping them back like that, but it looks pretty cool with them in forward mode. (but still useless.)