Sunday, December 6, 2015

People Magazine Reveals New (Minor) Details About 'The Force Awakens' Villains

By: Dominic Jones

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is now less than two weeks away and there's still lots we don't know about the new film.  With their special Star Wars collectors edition issue, People Magazine is revealing a few minor details about the villains of the new film, including details that settle the debate about how tall Supreme Leader Snoke (portrayed through motion capture by Andy Serkis).

About Supreme Leader Snoke (via People),
"Neal Scanlan, chief of creature and droid effects, told PEOPLE, 'This character is much better executed as a CGI character. That's just a practical reality when he's 7-foot-something tall; he's very, very thin.'" 

People also spoke with Domhnall Gleeson, who plays General Hux in the film,
"I think General Hux would just like a little bit more order in the universe," he said, understating the character's obsession with power as he jockeys against Kylo Ren. "Whatever it takes is where he's at."
And finally they talked to Gwendoline Christie about Captain Phasma,
"She is a Boba Fett-style character, striking and in command but not at the very forefront of the action always," Christie says, comparing Phasma to the beloved bounty hunter from the original trilogy. "Other than that, all I can say is that she is badass." 

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