Thursday, October 29, 2015

Rumor: New Details About a Crucial Scene in 'The Force Awakens'

By: Dominic Jones

Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens is under 50 days away, and more details about a crucial scene in the film have emerged.  Our pals over at just revealed some details about one of the most intriguing scenes in The Force Awakens relating to the Knights of Ren, Luke Skywalker, and more on the 101st episode of their podcast Now This is Podcasting.  As usual, there is a chance this could be wrong but if you are trying to avoid all The Force Awakens spoilers then stop reading now.  This is you SPOILER ALERT!
At last, the mystery surrounding the flashback scene which takes place at Maz Kanata's castle around the middle of the film is beginning to unfold.  Recall, we had previously heard that scene involved a confrontation between the Clan and the Seven.  We now believe the Seven are the Knights of Ren and this report sheds some light on who the Clan are.  Our friends Jason, Randy, Jeremy broke down the scene in depth on the latest Now This is Podcasting and here's what they said,
  • Maz leads the heroes (Han, Finn, and Rey) down a staircase into the catacombs of her castle, while she explains who Luke was, retelling the events of the original trilogy
  • When they enter the chamber in the catacombs, Maz continues the story and it goes to flashbacks (the rest of what follows takes place in flashbacks)
  • Luke returns to his academy and everyone is dead, they have been slaughtered
  • we then see the outside shot of Luke saying goodbye to R2 from the trailers

  • It appears it was the Knights of Ren who did this
  • Maz explains that Luke retreats into private life
  • We then see Naka's hand picks up the lightsaber (which is a reprise of what we saw at the beginning of the film), we then see him turn it on in his house and accidentally sets it on fire.  He runs away and then has to go back to get the lightsaber
  • Naka sells the Saber to a trader for next to nothing
  • The Clan is lead by a prosperous rich man
  • The Knights of Ren have raided the Clan before
  • The Clan leader goes to the trader and buys the saber to defend against the Knights of Ren
  • The Clan fights the Knights of Ren and loses
  • Rey and her parents were part of the Clan, but they escape the attack
  • Shot from the trailer is the Knights of Ren after having slaughtered the Clan
  • Kylo sees Rey during the attack
  • Kylo gets the Saber, but Maz steals it
  • The family gets away and drops Rey off on Jakku and have never gone back for her
I must say this sounds like an intense scene.  It also certainly points to the idea that Rey is not related to anyone we already know (meaning she is neither Han and Leia's daughter nor Luke's daughter).  It does leave the possibility of her being related to other characters open (what if she's a Kenobi?) bu it seems that when the film opens Rey really is no one (and not someone with amnesia).  It also lines up with the rumor that Rey fears leaving Jakku because she worries if she does her parents will never find her again.

As always this is just a rumor until confirmed or denied by Lucasfilm or Disney.

Source:'s Now This is Podcasting!
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