Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Anthony Ingruber Nearly Voiced Han Solo In 'Star Wars Rebels'

By: Benjamin Hart

Who can play Han Solo?

That's a question many Star Wars fans have pondered recently, especially since the announcement of the "Hanthology" film earlier this year. Although many would argue that Harrison Ford is the one and only actor who can portray the beloved scoundrel, I think most agree that at least one rising star may have what it takes play Han.

Anthony Ingruber, who made a name for himself way back in 2008 when he posted video of himself(above) on YouTube doing an excellent impression of Harrison Ford as Han Solo. The video eventually led to Ingruber being cast in the film Age Of Adaline where he portrayed a younger version of Harrison Ford's character, William Jones. Subsequently Lucasfilm announced that the second Star Wars spin-off/Anthology film(Slated for release on May 25, 2018) would focus on a young Han Solo, and of course, fans have been insisting that Ingruber should be cast in the lead role ever since. While all of that still up in the air, it seems Ingruber himself just revealed that he, in fact, almost played Han not that long ago, albeit in animated form.

Today the folks at Star Wars 7 News shared a great interview with Ingruber where he discussed his early inspirations and his time working on Age Of Adeline. But by far the most intriguing aspect of the interview was when he was asked if he had been approached by Lucasfilm to work on any Star Wars projects. His answer was very interesting:

"I was actually approached to voice in Star Wars Rebels a few years ago, but there was some change in character/plot lines so sadly it fell through. I’m hoping I get the chance to portray Han in the upcoming spin off film and am working hard to try to make that happen."

They also inquired about any other roles he might be taken on in the near future, to which he replied:

"Unfortunately, I can’t share anything until it is announced! Hopefully soon though!"

Now this is far from a confirmation that Anthony Ingruber is playing Han Solo in the second Anthology film, but it does prove that he has been in contact with Lucasfilm and they, at least at one time, considered him for the role. Although a voice over role is much different than onscreen acting, I think it's a safe bet that Ingruber could handle both. At the very least it sounds like he will be auditioning along with everyone else when the time comes, and I think he'll have a good chance at nabbing the role.

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Source: Star Wars 7 News

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  1. I hope that this guy at least gets a chance. Sure that is a really old video and all, but I think with a little more direction he could nail it on the head.

  2. I think he would do a good job. I can buy him as a young Han Solo.

  3. This is a ridiculous idea. Just because he can do impression, why don't we have will Ferrell try out for the role as well, he can do a better impression than this guy.

    1. Have you seen Age of Adaline. His parts were the highlight of the film.

    2. DUDE HE CAN PRACTICALLY double Harrison Ford

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  5. Voiced? Odd.. the strength of this guy's shtick is that he looks like HF.. His face is and to some degree his mannerisms are what make his impression good.. His voice impression is mediocre

  6. There can be no mistake, he does a fantastic Harrison Ford impression. But what if every actor that auditioned for the role of James Bond looked like and imitated Sean Connery. The actor would just be doing an impression of another actor and not being himself. And by that l mean playing the same character but with a different aproach which will expand the persona of the character. Roger Moore did it, Pierce Brosnan did it. Still I would love to see him casted as Han Solo, and Indiana Jones and hope he gets them both. But do you really want the same or something new? An Elvis impersonator no matter how good he is just an impersonator ...He's not Elvis.

  7. He's not just an impressionist, people. He can act.