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Rumor: Details About the Villains of 'The Force Awakens'

By: Dominic Jones

One thing that has always defined Star Wars stories is their great villains.  From Darth Vader to Darth Maul, from General Grievous to Boba Fett, every generation has their own iconic Star Wars villains.  Today we have got some new (rumored) details about the next generation of Star Wars villains.  Our friends over at have posted some new details about the bad guys of Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens that they have been given by their sources.  As usual, there is a chance that this may not be true, but if you are trying to avoid all The Force Awakens spoilers then stop reading now.  This is you official SPOILER ALERT!
Jason over at Making Star Wars posted a lot of details regarding the films main villains, Kylo Ren (Adam Driver - we think), Uber (code name for Andy Serkis' character), The General (Domhnall Gleeson), and Captain Phasma (Gwendoline Christie).  I will warn you again that these rumors deal with the fates of a few characters, so keep that in mind before reading on.
According to MSW,
There’s no shortage of villainy in this film. The bad news, from a certain point of view, is they don’t have a ton of screen time. Kylo has a ton of screen time, he’s our new main villain. Everyone else is a very far second to him. Right now “Uber” (Andy Serkis’ character) has a few short scenes, like three. I feel like Captain Phasma is a Boba Fett-type. She’s going to look cool but I don’t think she does all that much in The Force Awakens. It appears she will be seen in the Star Wars: Episode VIII and doesn’t have a lot going on yet. I think she’s an emerging character.
 Everyone seems to want elaboration on Kylo Ren and his connection to the heroes. I really feel there is a connection; however, elaboration is difficult at this juncture. All we have is implication. We know that when “Uber” wants to use the Catapult, Kylo is worried and he is told not to get “sentimental” by “Uber.” There’s a sequence in the middle of the film that sticks out to me, furthering that connection: Han Solo and Chewbacca pilot the Falcon. Rey and Finn are aboard. The Falcon is shot down by Kylo’s ship. The Falcon crashes onto the snow planet’s surface. Kylo and his troops track down the ship and Stormtroopers board it, followed by Kylo. Kylo walks into the cockpit of the Falcon and sits in the pilot’s seat and has a moment. That’s the hero’s sphere. You would never see Darth Vader do that. But Kylo does that. There’s almost an implication of remorse, maybe frustration, in that action to me. There’s emotion there. To me that says there’s a connection between Kylo, the ship and its pilot. It is almost as if he is sitting at the desk of the job he felt he would one day hold and now due to circumstances never will. Maybe Han is his father? We know this relationship ends badly though. He sits in the man’s chair before he kills him.

There is a moment where “The General has final check-in with his boss.” “The General” is Domhnall Gleeson, an Imperial Officer-type character. His boss is “Uber,” Andy Serkis’ character. There were really strong, even credible rumors he was Luke’s son, but I don’t see evidence of that in the stuff we’re getting now (which is pretty solid).

  • EXT NIGHT EVIL CASTLE – PARADE GROUND (SNOW) General watches in horror as the Parade Ground falls away
  • INT DAY EVIL CASTLE – GREAT HALL The General has final check-in with his boss.
There is no more mention of him again and the film only has 16 shots left. If you recall the good guys have dismantled the shields around the castle and set charges. It appears to me “The General” watches as the charges blow and he eventually dies as they trigger one by one and the castle area collapses. I’m guessing he tells “Uber” he has failed and the weapon is lost.

I feel this is the “parade ground (snow)” which Indie Revolver first showed us:

Shortly afterward:

  • CLIFF EDGE: Finn & Rey’s duel with Kylo Ren ends. Ground falls away behind Rey. Rey and Finn on precipice. Kylo Ren exits. Chewbacca arrives.
The duel between Finn and Rey ends with Kylo when the side of the mountain collapses. Kylo exits at this moment and there is never a follow up with him. Does he fall? That is the last time we see him in The Force Awakens. Chewbacca arrives in a repaired Falcon and saves Rey and Finn from falling to their doom.

It appears that Kylo and “Uber” live to fight another day. Captain Phasma will be seen again but I’m not betting on “The General.”

At this moment that is everything that really comes to mind about the bad guys. I still find it very strange that Kylo has this connection to Han Solo. I find it interesting Finn and Poe don’t have code names but “Kira” is the name used for Rey. I also think its interesting that Kylo sits in the chair that belonged to Han Solo but it ends up belonging to Rey. I’m sure I’ve written this before but there’s just those moments that make me want to write Rey and Kylo are brother and sister, the children of Han Solo and Princess Leia. It might be in my reading of it. But I’m leaning towards that being the story here, especially after that flashback sequence, as confusing as it may be.

There is a lot of interesting stuff in there.  It sounds like Uber will wind up being the big villain of the trilogy, much like Darth Sidious in the current six films.  I like the idea of introducing him in this film as a means of setting him up for future films.  We've heard the thing about Captain Phasma being the new Boba Fett before.  I think this is a smart move.  Again, by introducing her in this film, we'll have a better sense of how dangerous she can be when she shows up again in Episode VIII.  

A part of me is sad to hear that Domhnall Gleeson is not playing Luke's son.  I think Luke having an imperial son could have been a really interesting dramatic choice.  That being said, I hope that at least the concept of Gleeson being a Rebel deserter turned Imperial is still in place as I think that would cast the Rebel Alliance in a different light than we're used to and could be used as a means to show just how much has changed in the past thirty years.

And finally, I love the concept of Kylo Ren and Rey being the children of Han Solo and Princess Leia.  I think it's important to the continue the Skywalker bloodline in the future numbered episodes of the Star Wars films.  It does sound a bit like the Jacen and Jaina storyline from Legends, but I think it provides enough dramatic potential that the similarities will be surface level at most.  I also think that having Kylo be Han's kid makes Han's death all the more tragic.  It will be interesting to see how that affects Kylo in Episodes VIII and IX.  Also, the scene with Kylo sitting down in the Falcon's pilot chair sounds amazing and heart wrenching!

As always these are just rumors until confirmed or denied by Lucasfilm or Disney.

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