Saturday, November 8, 2014

Bob Iger Discusses The Origin Of 'The Force Awakens' Title

By: Benjamin Hart

By far the biggest news to hit the web this week was the announcement of Star Wars Episode VII's title, "The Force Awakens". Many have wondered and speculated what these three words actually mean, and where the came from. Disney's CEO Bob Iger recently spoke with Bloomberg and briefly spoke about Star Wars. He was asked about how the titled was decided upon, to which he responded:

"It was a decision that was made by a few people who are involved in the process; [Kathleen Kennedy], who runs Lucasfilm for us, and J.J. Abrams, who's directing the Force Awakens... were involved in the decision, as were we. We feel great about the film and can't wait until it comes out."

 You can watch the interview below(the Star Wars discussion begins at 10:20 in the video):

So there you go. Not too surprising, but still interesting to know who's involved in making historic decisions like this.

Source: Bloomberg TV
Via: Star Wars 7 News

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  1. Someone should expose Disney for stealing the title!

    What a load of rubbish! A TFN Forum Member Predicted The Force Awakens' Title Two Years Ago, and here is the proof;

    1. I'm pretty sure that JJ Abrams and Kathleen Kennedy didn't scour through 2 years of posts on a message board when they were naming this film!