Friday, October 3, 2014

Rumor: More Episode VII Concept Art Descriptions

By: Dominic Jones

After dropping a huge rumor/spoiler yesterday, our friends over at are back some more descriptions of concept art they've seen from Star Wars Episode VII.  Now, as usual, this is unconfirmed and could turn out to be false.  That being said, if you are trying to avoid all Episode VII spoilers then stop reading now!  This is your official SPOILER ALERT!
The first piece deals with the alien creature seen in a previous piece they posted about yesterday.  According to,
A dark room. Brick walls.  An alien creature sits at a table in the dark. On the table there is a bright fire which illuminates the room. The fire is not huge, but it heats a crystal sitting on a perch just over the fire. The blue crystal looks like it is for a laser sword. The creature has brown wrinkled skin and we see his profile as he faces to the right of the room. He looks similar to the creature in another piece, but very old, and it isn’t clear if he’s of the same species or not. On the table there are lots of tools. None of the tools are particularly technologically advanced. The tools on the table all appear to be brass. The creature wears a red tunic with a red head band. His arms appear to be at his side and under the table as he watches the crystal heat over the flames.

Jason Ward, the editor in chief at speculates that this creature may turn out to be one of the Felucian warriors seen in the episode of The Clone Wars "Bounty Hunters"I wonder if perhaps this may the character Andy Serkis is playing (in motion capture), based on the fact that this is a creature character who seems to have some significance to the plot.

Another piece they've seen is of the mighty Chewbacca himself.  According to,
Wookiee cyborgs are serious stuff. The conceptual artists clearly experimented with a lot of things during the creative process. One piece of concept art depicts Chewbacca with a robotic hand, implying somewhere he lost an arm during a fierce battle.  Without the correct context you might think iron clawed Chewbacca is a thing in Star Wars: Episode VII. That information shouldn’t have been presented that way as all the details are needed to assess the situation as well as one can.

The truth is the piece of concept art itself has two Wookiees on it, both are Chewbacca. Against a yellow background, to the right side of the frame, the Wookiee has a robotic hand and on the left side he does not. On the left side, Chewbacca looks towards the viewer with his bowcaster slung over his shoulder, casual and cool. On the right side, he stands with his body slightly leaning  to the right, indicating some  heaviness from the robotic hand that has left his posture slightly off kilter. There is a note that states “Bionic arm from war wound” with an arrow pointing towards the silver arm. In both concepts he still has his classic bandolier and satchel.

I must say a cyborg Wookiee is a very interesting visual to think about.  It does sound like there may be an abundance of cyborg characters in the new film, but perhaps that fact will play into the plot of the film or even of the trilogy.
As always this is just a rumor until confirmed or denied by Lucasfilm or Disney.

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