Tuesday, August 5, 2014

'Star Wars Rebels' Seven Minute Preview Review and Clip


By: Lillian Skye

Warning: Spoilers below

Within the first few seconds of the s clip, there's little doubt that Rebels is McQuarrie-breathed (The top is McQuarrie's art work, bottom is the opening shot in Rebels.)

It's evident that Ezra does't seem to fit in on Lothel. The dark colors and the industrialized, rustic look of the city contrast with his bright eyes and his light clothing. Right away, the viewer can tell that he's different, but Ezra has yet to realize that.

The preview begins with Ezra, a fourteen year old orphan, standing on a tower over looking a city riddled by the Empire. Ezra gives the Imperials stationed on Lothel, a planet with a name that relies heavily on the pronunciation of the word "loath," more than they bargained for when they enlisted in the Empire.  

Ezra is Rebels' Aladdin. He's driven, and he knows the true enemy. However, he's not going to pass up an opportunity to take a jab at the Empire and profit from each encounter. While he interrupts a merchant being questioned by Imperials about registering his wares, Ezra makes sure he benefits from it. Swiping an item off of an Imperial and snatching up a few purple fruits from the merchant with a snarky, "Hey, a kid's gotta eat," Ezra knows where his loyalties lie: himself.  

Escaping onto the roof of a building (à la Aladdin), the theif's sensitivity to the Force becomes apparent when he senses another Force user's presence--Kanan--before dismissing the feeling to listen in on Imperial chatter and size up a speeder that had been left unattended by man in green armor. 

Stealing the speeder not only provoked Kanan, but also Zeb and Sabine, who were working alongside their "boss" to steal and contain several large crates, which were instructed by an Imperial to be protected at all costs.

During the scene where Imperials chasing Kanan chasing Ezra dodge traffic and incoming fire, the background for the chase--a grassy Lothel plain--was also inspired by one of Mcquarrie's paintings.

After loosing Kanan, Ezra finds himself face to face with a tie fighter…and that's when the seven minutes are up, and fans have to wait for the Rebels premiere later this fall to find out what happens next. Check out the seven minute preview for yourself, and prepare to join the Rebellion on Disney XD this fall:

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