Friday, July 4, 2014

July 4th: The United States Of Star Wars

By: Benjamin Hart

Today, those of us in the United States are celebrating the 4th of July, a.k.a Independence day! Along with the usual BBQ and fireworks, we always like to find a Star Wars way to celebrate this special day. So how about we all figure out which planet we would live on if we were in the Galaxy far, far away?

A creative Tumblr user by the name of "Wedge Antilles" took the time to create a map of the U.S(above) which matches each state in the United States with a Star Wars planet with similar terrain, landmarks, etc. Along with the map they created a glossary with the names of planets alongside their corresponding state:

  • Alabama - Trandosha
  • Alaska - Hoth
  • Arizona - Korriban
  • Arkansas - Thyferra
  • California - Adumar
  • Colorado - Mandalore
  • Connecticut - Alderaan
  • Delaware - Eriadu
  • Florida - Dagobah
  • Georgia - Taris
  • Hawaii - Mon Calamari
  • Idaho - Corellia
  • Illinois - Almania
  • Indiana - Moorja
  • Iowa - Taanab
  • Kansas - Lok
  • Kentucky - Umgul
  • Louisiana - Ord Mantell
  • Maine - Naboo
  • Maryland - Sluis Van
  • Massachusetts - Dathomir
  • Michigan - Kuat
  • Minnesota - Iego
  • Mississippi - Telos IV
  • Missouri - Talus
  • Montana - Wayland
  • Nebraska - Ansion
  • Nevada - Pantolomin
  • New Hampshire - Adarlon
  • New Jersey - Nar Shaddaa
  • New Mexico - Tatooine
  • New York - Coruscant
  • North Carolina - Brentaal IV
  • North Dakota - Nubia
  • Ohio - Dantooine
  • Oklahoma - Thule
  • Oregon - Endor
  • Pennsylvania - Tython
  • Rhode Island - Clak’dor VII
  • South Carolina - Death Star
  • South Dakota - Chandrila
  • Tennessee - Yavin IV
  • Texas - Kessel
  • Utah - Geonosis
  • Vermont - Ilum
  • Virginia - Fondor
  • Washington - Kashyyyk
  • West Virginia - Bespin
  • Wisconsin - Falleen
  • Wyoming - Bakura

So, according to this map, which Star Wars planet do you live on? Or which one would you want to live on? Give us your answer in the comments below, or on Facebook and Twitter!

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