Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Rumor: Is 'AVCO' the Working Title for Episode VII?

By: Dominic Jones

With production on Star Wars Episode VII in full swing over at Pinewood Studios, some interesting information is starting to leak out.  Bleeding Cool has picked up on the fact that the working title that is apparently being used by the production is 'AVCO'.  

Now before anyone assumes that 'AVCO' will be the actual title of the film, let's just all agree that there is next to no chance of that happening and that this title is likely just being used internally to keep people off the scent that it's actually Star Wars Episode VII being worked on.  Star Wars has a long history of this, going back to the 80s when Return of the Jedi famously had the working title of 'Blue Harvest'.  

If you're looking for more proof, the guys over at have picked up on a few things including Linked In accounts (one of which connects AVCO to the 'Foodles' story from several months ago), and an industry newsletter which confirms the name.  They also figured out what AVCO might be a reference to.  The AVCO is a theater in the LA area which was among the first to upgrade their technology for Return of the Jedi.  The AVCO is mentioned in The Making of Return of the Jedi by: JW Rinzler, which reads, 

"The Avco was one of the theaters that had opted for the new THX sound system. “It’s the greatest improvement in film exhibition since the 70mm screen,” Szabo adds. “It is absolutely outstanding, sells a lot of tickets, and will help sustain the motion picture industry. Lucas cares about details. He’s a great leader and has tapped today’s moviegoing audience.”"

Assuming this is true, and all signs seem to point that way, the working title of 'AVCO' is a nice little reference to the history of Star Wars and it's way of pushing the boundaries in terms of technology.  And if your in the UK and you seem a film production going on, be sure to check if it's for 'AVCO', produced by 'Foodles'!

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