Saturday, February 8, 2014

Report: New German 'The Clone Wars' Season 6 Trailer Screenshots (Updated!)

By: Dominic Jones

UPDATE #4: The trailer is now online!  Check it out here!

Original Story:
With the sixth season/bonus content of Star Wars: The Clone Wars set to air seven days from now in Germany on the channel SuperRTL, it seems the promotional machine is getting started.  Twitter user @ThomasStorai has tweeted two screenshots from a trailer for Season 6/Bonus Content that aired on SuperRTL.  The screenshots seem to be from the "Order 66" arc and feature Jedi master Shaak Ti fighting along side clone troopers and Supreme Chancellor Palpatine with a clone trooper in his office.  Check them out below:
Hopefully someone will be able to release a full version of the trailer (even if it's in German). Regardless, it's nice to new Clone Wars content as the rest of the world waits for a release date and trailer.

Big thanks to @ThomasStorai for tweeting these!

UPDATE: Darth Talgus on the TFN Forums has posted several more images from the trailer!  The quality is not the best, but at least it's more Clone Wars!

UPDATE #2: The fansite has added a few more images from the trailer, check them out below! 

Thanks to our good friend Dan G. for bringing the third round of images to our attention!

UPDATE #3: The good folks over at have a few more screen shots from the trailer!  These images are a bit small, but cool none the less, check them out,


  1. Well if only they'd actually give us an American release date instead of giving one country the new episodes and depriving everyone else. It's really unfair how Disney is handling the franchise, and upsetting. I just want to see these episodes we've been promised, and not OVER a year later...

  2. Well, as the Jedi always say... we must be Patient... :)

  3. Shaak Tii is gona die, I have a bad feeling about her, she and Fives are probably finding evidence about Order 66 ane will be on the run...perhaps Fives dies too!? I know Shaak was in some Expended Universe but that is probably expanded as cannon :)