Saturday, January 26, 2013

First Episode VII Filming Location Revealed

By Chris Seekell

A UK newspaper, The Daily Mail, is reporting that a location in Kent, England will be used in battle scenes in the upcoming Star Wars Episode VII. Pictured above, the location is an abandoned quarry outside the Bluewater Shopping Centre that has previously been seen in British TV series including Doctor Who.

With the recent announcement that JJ Abrams will be directing the film, it can be assumed that production has moved past the writing stages and onto the logistics of filming and casting.

UPDATE: We have found another image of the quarry.


  1. I can't waaaaaait (been a fan since 1977, when Star Wars played for over a year at a local cinema without ever closing... saw it 30+ times) ~ :) ~

  2. I think people want the end result to look a little raw and 1970s/80s style, without too many computer generated characters.

  3. This was just something of a Britcentric joke folks - they would never film there. The gag is that lots of poor quality British shows were always shooting there back in the 70's.