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The SWU Podcast Episode 25 | 2/28/2012


In this episode of the SWU Podcast, special guest Stephen Stanton, the voice of many Clone Wars characters including Moralo Eval, Captain Tarkin, and Mas Amedda, joins hosts Ben, Chris, Jordan, and Kyle. Stephen talks about voice acting and his characters in depth, and they all discuss the latest Clone Wars episode Massacre.

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TOR-iffic Awareness – Enter: The Old Republic Era!

The Old Republic Cantina Logo.
I'd just like to start off saying thank you to all my fellow readers and followers at The Old Republic Cantina, and the crew of The Star Wars Underworld.You all are very supportive and amazing people, and I probably wouldn't be doing this without your help. It is time that I now promote TOR-iffic Awareness, a meme that will help promote Star Wars: The Old Republic among the Underworld community. The Old Republic Cantina was made to keep the Underworld more organized and reserved a special place for the community to have a hub for this amazing game, whilst promoting both the Underworld as a whole and for this specific part of the Expanded Universe. I have done so much to try and get this part of the Expanded Universe more known to the Underworld community, and I now I ask my fellow readers and followers if they can spread TOR-iffic Awareness around the community. We need to let other Star Wars fans know on how much they're missing out on such a great game that dates back to an era with so much history.

An image Chris made for me, and where TOR-iffic Awareness came from.
One way I have started to try and promote TOR-iffic Awareness is to start Underworld- and Cantina-sponsored events that will take place in SWTOR. There have been no dates set for these upcoming events that I've created for the community, but once I see a surge of TOR-iffic Awareness these dates will be immediately set. I would like to travel the galaxy with the Underworld during an era that takes place over 2,000 years before the setting of the Star Wars movies, and a great way to do this is to go by large groups (and eventually as a guild) in SWTOR by the time the event dates are set.

Current ideas of events to host for SWTOR are:
  • Beginning the Journey: Even during the very beginning of the game, all of us will add each other and go through our class' starting planet to keep track of our journey. Not all classes start at the same planet, so we will keep track of our adventure until we can all meet together at our faction's respective fleet.
  • Underworld Invasions: We will have schedules for raiding bases of the opposite faction and attacking opponents and bosses that would generally require more manpower to take down.
  • Datacron Hunting: While going through the planets we will also be hunting down the datacrons. The datacrons will give us a bit of an extra stats buff to our character while giving us a sense of achievement. I plan to collect all the datacrons with all of our group players.
  • Flashpoints and Operations Campaigns: As a group or as a guild, we will gather to easily complete planet Heroics, Flashpoints and Operations that would normally be extremely difficult to complete if you're playing solo the entire game.
  • R&R: There are many things we'll do to get some more fun out of SWTOR. We will be taking a run through the planets to explore the scenery, listen to the sounds and look at the different species, play Fleet Tag, and have Speeder Racing events with prizes.
  • Formation: The Republic/Imperial Underworld!:  Once we get to the capital planet of our faction's planet, I will take my main character for the Empire and the Republic and we shall form both guilds. Those members who do assist me in the creation of these guilds will be given a high-ranking position within the guild.
These events and ideas will help bring a bigger fan-base to The Old Republic Cantina and The Star Wars Underworld, and this will help TORC achieve its goal to reach 200 fans by the end of April. Please help by supporting us with TOR-iffic Awareness and to help TORC get to 200 fans by the end of April!

Another idea I have will be my own fan-fiction I'll be writing that will take place during the Old Republic era. Chris Seekell, Benjamin Hart, Jordan Petto, Stephen Stanton, and my other Star Wars buddies will have their own characters in these novels. The Old Republic era is a time where there's so much you can create so that's where I'll be starting with my upcoming novels. This is just an idea so there isn't much I can say on this, but these fan-fics will be as Plo Kool as possible! Each character will have their own story and many of us will cross paths, be betrayed, save lives, develop and change, but some may not even change at all. Each character will be a favorite of someone in the Underworld, I guarantee it!

If you are a fan-fiction author and want to collaborate in the creation of my story, please feel free to add me and contact me on Facebook! For those of you who will have a character or think you'll have one yourself, feel free to message me to talk about it! I am open to many ideas regarding my new fan-fictions I'll be writing set during an era where there's so much you can expand upon.

Until then, everyone! Be sure to promote TOR-iffic Awareness, and stay tuned for my follow-up article for SWTOR news February 16th onwards! 

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SWTOR: From January 28th to February 15th – Part 2

Aww, how cute! A Twi'lek and his new friend.
It's been since February 15 that I've posted "Part 1", and now my readers, I give you all "Part 2" of my informative article series—the last article to conclude what I have for you about Star Wars: The Old Republic from January 28th to February 15th. Be ready for a lot of reading, folks! I'll be going through some general features and announcements, and then I will be briefly summarizing the community blog, developer tracker, patch notes, Q&A threads, and the bugs and its fixes. Links will also be provided in these summaries to the direct and informative sources.

Asia Pacific players may now battle in the Galaxy that's not so far, far away!

There was an update a couple of days ago, and BioWare and LucasArts are proud to announce that Star Wars: The Old Republic will officially launch in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Singapore on March 1st, 2012 (the same day the new Star Wars Underworld website will be up)!

SWTOR.com announcement:
BioWare and LucasArts are excited to announce that Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ will officially launch in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Singapore on March 1st, 2012! Fans in these regions who purchase the game will be able to experience their very own Star Wars™ saga on regional servers. Players who have already begun their journey will also have a limited-time opportunity to migrate their characters from their current servers to Asia Pacific servers after the launch on March 1st, giving them the chance to take advantage of the decreased network latency by playing on a regional server. All players who qualify for a character transfer will be notified in early March with more details.
In the press release announcing the Asia Pacific launch date, General Manager of the BioWare Label’s MMO Business Unit and Co-Founder of BioWare Dr. Greg Zeschuk expressed appreciation for the patience of fans in the region:
Our biggest priority for The Old Republic has always been to deliver a high quality product and high quality service and we are pleased with our results in North America and Europe. We appreciate that our fans in these countries have been patient and we are excited to deliver this same great customer experience to players this March.
Full details can be found on the website's news article and their press release.

Games On Net interviewed Grant McDaniel, Senior Developer Director of Live Services, about the upcoming launch to the Australian region, and has some great questions and answers that are worth taking the time to look over. Among these are:
  • How many servers are being deployed for the Australian launch? Will that number go up and meet player demand?
  • Does EA/Bioware have any data on how many Australians are currently playing on US and European servers?
  • Will Australians receive access to some sort of reprinting of the game's collector's edition for their launch, or was that strictly limited? Are there any plans for new editions for this launch?
  • Does EA/Bioware feel the staggered launch has been successful? Were there any issues with the launch that were headed off by restricting it to one territory?
This is a nice interview to read even if you're not located in this region and if you're already playing the game. Read the full interview here.

I will continue to update all of my readers as the story develops.

Social Media Coordinator Eric Musco has launched the first in a new series of video guides for getting started in Star Wars: The Old Republic, produced by SWTOR! This is one of the many examples showing that BioWare goes the extra mile to give us videos, guides, help, art and music outside the game—all for free!

Choose a server first! PvP, PvE, RP, RP-PvP, or RP-PvE.
I highly recommend this guide to anyone entering the MMO genre for the first time. I know there are a lot of fans of the Underworld community who have probably never touched an MMO before, so I'd take a look at the series of videos to get prepped if you are going to play the game. If you are still deciding whether or not you should buy the game, take a look at the video and see what SWTOR has to offer. I promise you won't be disappointed!

Musco covers all the bases on what you need to do when you create your new account on SWTOR: Server selection and an explanation on the different server types, classes, and customization options. He also briefly covers the naming conventions and talks about the allegiances and the in-game tutorial.

Musco does state that switching factions will not be an option in the game.

You can look at the rest of these guides here. So is there anyone you will want to share these videos with? I hope a lot of you in the Underworld do take a look! I would be excited to have more support for the Underworld guilds in SWTOR if many of you decided to purchase the game.

Sith Fury-class Interceptor, with a Lego Malgus and Imp troops. Adorable? Yes!
During the New York Toy Fair, Kotaku came across two Star Wars: The Old Republic Lego sets which will be arriving in stores this August. For those of you who like collecting these figures, the Sith Fury-class Interceptor will be a whopping $90 and a Striker-class Starfighter will be retailing at $45. No further details have been released yet, but do enjoy the photos available and begin planning your SWTOR Lego play-sessions.

Striker-class Starfighter with what looks like a Trooper and a Consular.
I'm a little confused why we're getting the Striker-class Starfighter and not something like a Defender to balance out the Fury, but all of this still looks quite entertaining.

Another entertaining thing about SWTOR is an easter egg found on a planet called Tatooine (pronounced /tætu'in/). There are the small things in an ordinary game that make it extraordinary. Easter eggs and related features like what's seen here reminds us all how much dedication was put into a game like this. These extra features captivate us gamers in many amazing ways.

In this easter egg, you can clearly see the United States, Mexico and South America. The planets rotate so you won't be able to see the same section each time, but as you are coming in to land on Tatooine, you can see these familiar lights and silhouettes.

Another nice feature to bring in something new to the game is the option to add your own custom loading screens. A lot of SWTOR players are having fun doing this to bring in something new, and they also get to express their creativity and it's just plain fun. You don't have to stare at the same loading screens which might get stale and boring to look at as time passes by.

You now can learn how to do this yourself! Dijon posts on SWTORpano.com:
As requested by a number of users, I’ve created a simple template for making loading screens and will include loading screens for each panorama I create from now on.  It’s very easy to replace your loading screen – make sure to create a backup of the original!  Bioware has suggested to be cautious with this, patching may require a repair if there is an altered background.  Honestly, I’ve never encountered this. But beware!
Panorama update tomorrow!
Along with Dijon's post you will find some nice panorama templates you can use to help make your own customized loading screens for SWTOR. Be creative, and most of all, have fun with it!

There is a review by Gaming Age that I found, and I recommend reading it for those who are still deciding to buy the game, or for those who have the game, deciding whether or not to continue your subscription. Let me just say, not everyone is obsessing about BioWare's and LucasArt's MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic. Gaming Age rates the game with the whopping grade of a B+ in a solid review that I consider to be fair, not over-the-top, and good for a game that has its faults. This review gives us the basics and discusses about the accusations made about SWTOR that it's just WoW with a Star Wars skin (and how this accusation is somewhat true), but then the review switches its rails and goes on sharing that SWTOR is different than WoW or any other MMO.

Gaming Age says:
And overall, I feel like SWTOR is a pretty great MMO. It’s certainly one of the more polished MMO’s at launch I’ve seen in a while. My system is pretty low-end nowadays, but still capable of running this game well enough.
Gaming Age also discusses about companions, a feature of this game that sets it apart from other MMOs:
The companions get added to your overall crew over time, and their introductions usually play out in a similar fashion to expanding your party in any other offline RPG. Each companion is fleshed out, and has certain likes and dislikes that get triggered based on the conversation options you choose. They also have a likeness meter that you can fill by making choices that are more in tune with their interests, and filling that meter impacts how quickly you’ll accomplish tasks for crafting purposes.
You can read the full article here. Maybe my discussion about SWTOR in the Underworld podcast didn't convince you to buy the game, but surely reading this review and this article will finalize your decision and [-Force Persuasion-] you will buy this game.

Do you all remember the Guild Summit BioWare is hosting? Well, there are several updates! In a recent developer post, BioWare's Courtney Woods took the time to thank all the guild leaders and representatives that submitted an application, promising that all the attendants would be notified during the next couple of days. She also stated that BioWare is planning on livestreaming a number of events during the Summit so you're just not left hanging and wondering—this will definitely keep everyone well-informed.

Here is the official announcement:
Thank you to all of the guild leaders who submitted applications to attend the first Guild Summit in Austin. We are currently reviewing guild applications and will be responding back to everyone who applied in the next few days.
For those who are unable to attend the Guild Summit for one reason or another, we’re very happy to announce that we will be providing a livestream of select events during the Guild Summit, including developer presentations and feedback discussions. These livestreams will allow players from around the world to observe and participate in some of the event discussions as well. As a reminder, the Guild Summit will be conducted in English, but anyone can join in on the livestream regardless of their location. If you can’t watch the livestream during the Summit, we’ll also be publishing videos of the panels after the event has ended. As we get closer to the event, we’ll provide more details for how you can get involved. Stay tuned!
There has also been news regarding the Guild Summit application status. If you applied to represent your guild, you would have received an email that tells you whether or not you were selected. If you weren't chosen for the first round, hang on to your blasters for a couple of more days.

Chosen guild leaders have 48 hours to respond to reserve their place or other guilds who have been placed on a waiting list will be chosen in their place.

Here is the official announcement:
Hi everyone,

Thank you so much to everyone who applied for the Guild Summit! We received thousands of applications, have spent the past few days reading through every single one, and we really appreciate all the feedback we received.

In a few minutes we'll begin sending out emails to everyone who applied for the Guild Summit. These emails will let you know if your guild has been selected to attend the Summit at this time. Please do not book any flights or hotels unless you receive an email instructing you to do so. The event has an extremely limited capacity, and without an event badge you will not be allowed into the Summit. Guilds who have not been selected in this first round have been placed on a waitlist, and if any selected guilds do not respond in time, we will open up their space to the waitlist.

Please make sure you check your emails once we confirm that all the emails have been sent out. Any guild leader who receives an acceptance email must confirm their attendance within 48 hours. Guilds who do not confirm in time will lose their place at the Summit to another guild off the waitlist.

If you have any questions about the process once you've received your email, please contact guilds@swtor.com. Thanks all!

Current status update:

2:15PM CST - Emails have now all been sent. Please check your inbox and spam for the email. If you applied but did not receive an email, please contact guilds@swtor.com and we'll investigate.
I wouldn't like to bore everyone on all the information I have on these patch notes and other reliable sources of information that may have answers to your questions, so I will be posting the links you'll need with brief summaries on what you'll be reading.
Dev Tracker: The dev tracker is a reliable source which posts general announcements like upcoming maintenance days, the current Q&A discussions, answers for questions members like us have, etc. It's definitely a source you should look at!
Patch Notes: I have started from where I left off from one of my older articles. Patch 1.1.1 (1/31/12) is where you can begin and work your way up. If you need a brief summary of some of the older patches go to either link.
Weekly Q&A + Dev Tracker Summaries: Read this announcement about the additions of the weekly Q&As and the Dev Tracker summaries.
Q&A Announcements: February 10th, February 17th, and February 24th.
Q&A Threads: February 10th, February 17th, February 24th, and March 2nd.
Q&A Discussions: February 10th, February 17th, and February 24th.
Busting Bugs and Fixing Exploits: Read what Executive Producer Rich Vogel has to say on how the dedicated team puts these bugs and exploits as their first priority!
Blog: Start here and read summaries, patch notes, and more!
Ilum: Just when you thought PvP on Ilum was fixed, BioWare came in and messed it up again! Patch 1.1.2 is reported to have caused even more bugs on Ilum. The biggest issue was that kills on Ilum were not counting towards daily and weekly quests. Associative Online Community Manager Joveth Gonzalez came in for an update saying this:
The dev team has been investigating the cause of this issue and they're closer to figuring out a solution.  As mentioned before, we'll keep you updated with any new developments.  Thanks again for your patience on this.
Emergency Patch 1.1.2a was then deployed and fixed the issue.
Thank you all for reading this extremely long and informative article. Expect a follow-up article later this week, which will roundup many important announcements, updates, and more from February 16th onwards.
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The SWU Podcast TCW Season 4 Finale Trailer Mini-Roundtable


Star Wars Underworld contributors Chris, Dominic, and Savanna discuss the new Clone Wars Season 4 finale trailer.

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» Watch the trailer here!

The SWU Podcast - Darth Plagueis Roundtable


Star Wars Underworld contributors Chris, Dominic, and Savanna discuss the Darth Plagueis novel.

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The SWU Podcast Episode 24 - 2/21/2012


The SWU Podcast Episode 24 | 2/21/2012

In this episode of the SWU Podcast, special guest Martin joins hosts Chris, Jordan, and Kyle in a discussion about The Old Republic MMO. They read your comments and talk extensively about the game as well as comment on recent Star Wars news and play and discuss some listener feedback.

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» The Old Republic Cantina

» The Star Wars Talk Show

» Secrets of the Force

» EmpireFails on Youtube

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Phantom Menace 3D Roundtable


Star Wars Underworld contributors Chris, Dominic, Jordan, and Savanna talk about their experiences watching Episode I in 3D and discuss the film.

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Clone Wars Bloopers: Ep. 4.18 "Crisis On Naboo"

A very interesting episode, with plenty of Bloopers to talk about!

First off, when the Ship flies towards Naboo at the beginning of the episode it doesn't even have a dent.
But if you remember from the previous episode it was heavily damaged.
Looks as though Dooku is making some credits on the side doing ship body work.

Next, Derrown uses his left hand(If you can call it that) to reach through the ray shield and blow up the generator. You can see that there's nothing on his wrist.
But after he electrocutes Anakin he activates his jet pack via a wrist gauntlet on the same arm that wasn't there before.

When Derrown blows up the shield, there is a guard standing between the two explosions. Yet he does not get injured... or even knocked down. Also in the same shot, Derrown is nowhere to be seen(on the stairs).

When Embo acquires his disguise he is wearing his trademark hat.
Later when he disengages his disguise his hat is nowhere to be seen.
Shortly afterwards, when Anakin and Mace run to catch Bane and Eval, Embo and Twazzi's speeder, as well as the shock troopers holding them at gun point, are completely gone.

A little later, the shock trooper that arrests Cad Bane loses his color briefly

Near the end of the episode Dooku blasts Anakin with Force lighting sending him flying backwards, he bounces off a pillar and lands on the floor. Notice the crack in the middle the floor, he lands just to the right of it.
The Camera cuts to Dooku and Palpatine and then back to Anakin, he is now well to the left of the crack. Also notice he is not in the light either which means he's moved back several feet as well.
Red line = Crack.

Random Note: The Old Swictheroo
In one scene from the trailer you can see Anakin attacking a Senate Guard, which is obviously from this episode.
In the episode it is changed to actually be Derrown without his senate guard disguise.

 Big thanks to Anthony and Kyle for helping me out with this one! If I made a faux pas of my own let me know in the comments. If you enjoyed this edition of CWB be sure to use the share buttons below.

Mini Review
This was a beautifully animated episode! Some scenes, especially outdoor shots, looked identical to scenes from The Phantom Menace. The beginning was awesome, bounty Hunters kicking butt is always a welcomed sight. After that the episode went south for me. The kidnapping scene was full of plot holes and straight up stupid moments! Obi-Wan warns Mace about the guards being Bounty Hunters, yet he entrusts two of them to protect the Chancellor... That's just one example! Obi-Wan's confrontation with Bane and Eval was a let down. Not only did Bane get captured with hardly putting up a fight, his line "Kenobi! I should have know..." seemed like something straight out of Scooby Doo as a friend of mine pointed out. It's evident now that this Arc has laid the ground work for Anakin's distrust of Obi-Wan and the Council we see in Revenge of the Sith. I really like this, it gives a lot more depth to Anakin's fall to the Dark side. Even though I've been a critic of Anakin and Dooku redundantly dueling every few episodes, this duel was one of the best of the series. It was fluent and very much mirrored it's live action counterparts. The end was anti-climactic and predictable. Obi-wan just walks past Dooku and grabs the Chancellor. What the??... Whoa, that was quite a rant. So overall I give this one a 5.9/10.

Until Next time, MTFBWY! -B-


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Clone Wars Bloopers: Ep. 4.17 "The Box"

By: Benjamin Hart

First off, the ship has heavy damage on it's front and left side when it arrives on Serreno.
 But if you remember from the last episode, it crash landed on it's right side. And even then it didn't appear to take much damage.

Next, when the group enters the box, they step onto a solid white, rectangular platform.
But when it raises into the Box it is square and made of of several smaller boxes, like the interior of the Box.

In the "Lightsaber room", when Hardeen/Obi first spots the exit shaft, it appears to be blocked...
 But when he points it out to Bane it's clear.

In the first scene inside the box when Morallo Eval appears via the humongous view screens the green Tattoos on the right side(his left) of his face are on the left.

In the next room the problem is fixed...
 And when they reach the ray shield room the markings are yet again on the left side.

 Random Note: Tattoo Troubles
Throughout this episode and the preceding ones, Eval's Tattoo(Or what I assume to be a Tattoo) seemed to be a greenish color, especially around his Eye.
But near the end of this episode when he faces off against Rako it appears to be purple. I don't think this is a blooper, simply a lighting trick. Still pretty weird.

Thanks to Ruari for helping me out with this one! If I made a blooper of my own let me know in the comments. If you enjoyed this edition of CWB please click the share buttons below!

I didn't have a good first impression of this episode, but after several viewings I really think it was a great episode. It was simple, fun, and Cad Bane had some great, quotable lines as usual. On a side note I love Rako's helmet design, it's great to see TCW crew recycle old designs like that. Overall I give this episode a 9.1/10

Until next time, MTFBWY! -B-


SWTOR: From January 28th to Febuary 15th – Part 1

A feature BioWare has put if you don't play for some time.
Have you all missed me? It's been since the end of January when I posted my last article, but my small hiatus there won't stop me for regularly posting about BioWare's amazing MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic, for the great Star Wars Underworld community. In this article you'll read more about the guilds sponsored by the SWU, more on my upcoming plans for the community, and more about the game and community itself. I do have to say I'm glad I've finally got time to submit such an informative article!

It would be awesome to see the guilds look like this!
For those who will be getting the game or who already have the game, I ask you readers to please join me and The Star Wars Underworld-TOR community to join my new, upcoming guilds officially sponsored by the SWU and its owners. Each guild will be affiliated with the Republic and the Empire respectively, and I will act as leaders of both guilds. The guilds will have a website of their own, and there will be regularly scheduled raids and community playdates in which many members can participate—regardless of rank or skill! The guilds' leaders will work their best to create community playdates that will regularly include players of all ranks and skill. Both guilds are PvP-based placed on an EST server: The Republic Underworld will be placed on the Vulkar Highway server, and the Imperial Underworld will be placed on the Iron Citadel server. At one point I did decide to have them both named as the "Star Wars Underworld", but I thought this could cause some trouble with the name, so I figured the "Republic Underworld" and "Imperial Underworld" would do.

Please visit our own Facebook page of the TOR community of The Star Wars Underworld at The Old Republic Cantina, where I'll answer questions you have and if you're interested in working with the guilds. The page is nothing but TOR-ific (something I got from Chris)!

One proposed feature that has caused controversy between SWTOR players is gay relationships. There are those that agree, those that disagree, and those that don't mind at all; each viewpoint someone will take regardless of sexuality. I don't mind the implementation of gay relationships, but I see it as a great component for those who agree which also expands the gameplay of the current galaxy BioWare has created for us. Sadly, the voices of those who are against the homosexuality feature may be just as loud (or even louder?) than those who are celebrating this future feature.

The Family Research Council (FRC) is speaking out against the gay relationships in SWTOR and had this announcement recently:
In a new Star Wars game, the biggest threat to the empire may be homosexual activists! Hello, I'm Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council in Washington, D.C. In a galaxy not so far far away, Star Wars gamers have already gone to the dark side. The new video game, Star Wars: The Old Republic, has added a special feature: gay relationships. Bioware, the company that developed the game, said it's launching a same-sex romance component to satisfy some complaints. That surprised a lot of gamers, since Bioware had made it clear in 2009 that "gay" and "lesbian" don't exist in the Star Wars universe. Since the announcement, homosexuals have been celebrating the news, but parents sure aren't. On the game's website, there are more than 300 pages of comments--a lot of them expressing anger that their kids will be exposed to this Star Warped way of thinking. You can join them by logging on and speaking up. It's time to show companies who the Force is really with!
Catch will lead you down the wrong path, folks.
Another feature that had caught my eye was the rare, white lightsaber crystal that one player had used in the game. One high-leveled character by the name of CatchDeathwalker had been seen sporting the sparkling white lightsaber. The owner had posted about it on the official forums. There was an immediate outburst from the community about the crystal as everyone wanted to know where Catch obtained the item (of course), but after some time BioWare staff had dropped by with some startling (not-so-startling) news about Catch and that sexy lightsaber of his. 

This was released by BioWare staff:
We've done some investigating and discovered that CatchDeathwalker did not obtain the white crystal through legitimate means in the game. Right now, we're removing the crystal from his possession, and we're going to have some more information for you as soon as possible about this situation (but don't worry, we won't post any spoilers!).
We apologize for not responding to this thread sooner, but we needed to investigate the issue before commenting.
Allison Berryman | Senior Community Coordinator
Well, that stinks for Catch, but the good news for other players is that the crystal is still out there waiting to be found. Make sure you also use legitimate methods to obtain it if you plan to keep it. There is a Reddit post going with clues about where and how it can be found (possible spoiler zone).

I have yet to confirm exactly how the crystal is obtained but when I learn more about this story, I'll be here with an update.

Here is a well-displayed example (LOL!).
One amazing event that BioWare is hosting is its first Guild Summit, being hosting in Austin, Texas from
March 4th–6th, 2012. Guild leaders from around the world will be able to discuss and participate with others and BioWare developers and share their thoughts, feelings, suggestions, and ideas in the roundtable-styled event. This event shows me that BioWare is doing the best they can for the community, and it shows they really do care about how we currently think and feel, and that they're doing this to hear our suggestions to improve.

The process is extremely simple: guilds apply here. Once accepted—and 200 guilds will be—they'll be invited to attend this two-day event in BioWare's hometown of Austin, Texas. Once there, guild leaders and other guild representatives filling in for their guild leader will have the opprotunity to engage the developers in meaningful discussions about SWTOR. Here is the official announcement! (I'd really be uber excited if the upcoming Underworld guilds could participate in this awesome event!)

Lastly, I have been invited by Chris and Savanna do come on The Star Wars Underworld Podcast and speak about Star Wars: The Old Republic (Don't worry, I'll be talking about TCW, too!). I will make my first appearance on the podcast during mid-February and I'm extremely excited. Also, a few weeks ago I had submitted an application to The Star Wars Underworld website stating that I'll be able to start writing for them full-time starting February 13th, 2012. I'm quite late with this article which was supposed to kickoff the start of my official employment, but better late than never! I'm not sure if I'll make multiple appearances on the podcast (and I would love to!), but I would have to have an official approval by the cast. As of now all I can say is I will be on the podcast pretty soon, and that I'll be regularly writing weekly (sometimes bi-weekly) articles about SWTOR.

Stay tuned for the release of "Part 2" which will conclude the series of these amazing two articles! The next article will go in-depth on the community blog and developer tracker, patch notes, bug fixes and in-game woes (Ilum's woes to be exact), Q&A threads, recent content and announcements BioWare has released or will be releasing, and the SWTOR Asia Pacific launch.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The SWU Podcast Episode 23 | 2/14/2012


In this episode of the SWU Podcast, special guest Ruari joins hosts Kyle, Chris, Jordan, and Savanna to talk about New York Toy Fair. They read this week's news headlines and discuss the latest Clone Wars episode Crisis On Naboo.

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Saturday, February 4, 2012

"The Box" Review

"The Box" was by far the best episode of the bounty hunter arc, and was a rather creative storyline that didn't stray to far from what we as Star Wars fans would consider normal for the the series. This was also a great episode for Cad Bane-lovers out there, including myself.

The episode started out almost exactly with what we saw in the preview. The only thing that came before the introduction to the big floating cube of doom was Eval's landing and admonishment for being late, and Bane shooting one of the other bounty hunters there for wearing his old hat. Seriously, if this guy isn't the best Star Wars rip-off of one of those Western cowboys that we see portrayed by Clint Eastwood, I have absolutely no idea what else he could be.

Once the bounty hunters were all introduced to one another like we saw in the preview and we all saw the big floating cube of doom, all of them entered into it. I forget exactly how many bounty hunter there were (I think ten or twelve), but according to Dooku and Eval, only 5 would be allowed to come out alive.

Round One of the Box was rather interesting. A hole opened up, and some toxic gas came out. The only way to avoid it was get on these raising pillars that were actually a trap-they would stop long enough for the bounty hunters to get settle, then raise some more until they reached the ceiling. Hardeen/Kenobi figured out that the only exit as the hoe where the gas had come out of, and everyone lived on to fight in Round Two.

Round Two involved a bucnh of these crazy pillars with some electric saber at the tips of them. The only way out was up, and Kenobi managed to find out the pattern that the pillars used to climb to that exit. I forget how many died in this room, but I know that at least one, and maybe two or three did.

If the first two rounds were death traps, then the third was an automatic tomb. Moralo ray shielded all the walls in the room, and the switch to turn them off was behind another ray shield. The only way to get to the switch was drink a serum that was toxic to all the bounty hunters but one. Then, to make things interesting, the walls and the floor began closing in, all ray shielded, leaving the remaining bounty hunters to stand on theses pillars and discuss who should drink the serum. Kenobi suggested one of the alien bounters with three eyes should take it. Considering there was little time, there was little argument, expecially since Kenobi had been right on all accounts in saving their skins thus far. Surprisingly, the serum worked without even any side effects, and the bounty hunter managed to hit the switch and let everyone else who was still alive pass on to the bonus round.

Considering how crazy and deadly all the other traps had been, I though this one was a bit of a let-down. All that happened was a target would be floating on the opposite wall, and you had to hit it three times. If you failed, you died in a firey pit below. No puzzle solving or alterior methods of getting out of it, it was just simple as that. One guy tried and died, then Kenobi/Hardeen saved everyone else again.

However, Eval, who had become increasingly jealous of Kenobi and worried that he might lose his place as the head of the mission to kidnap Palpatine, decided to put Kenobi and Kenobi alone on one final trap/test. He separated Kenobi from the others and had him hit five more targets. Kenobi hit four, but then his blaster "mysteriously" ran out of power, and Eval let him drop to a firey death below.

WHAT!? Kenobi can't die! Thankfully Bane of all people saved him by firing a quick rope around Kenobi's arm, telling Eval in perhaps Bane's best line of the series, "If you're gonna kill him, do it like a man." Dooku apparently agreed and had both Kenobi and Eval sent down to duke it out. Eval threw sevaral traps at Kenobi, but the Jedi master in disguise beeat them all and gave Moralo a rather serious beating.

When told to finish him by Dooku, Kenboi replied that he just wanted the moeny and to be done with the job, and left an injured Moralo Eval to stand back up. Dooku mentioned that the remaining five bounty hunters (Cad Bane, Hardeen/Kenobi, Embo, and two others) would now be working with Eval to kidnap Palpatine as a hostage to meet the demands of releasing the Separatist prisoners that had been captured over the course of the war. He also mentioned, as a bit of a cliffhangar, that Cad Bane was now the leader of the mission.

VERY good episode, and Im gonna rate it 8/10. I wasn't really disappointed with any of it, and I can certainly bet that the writers had a fun time with this one. I do hope that perhaps we finally see Wat Tambor and Poggle the Lesser released next episode, and I'm really rather dying to see the old Kenboi back, this Hardeen thing has gone on long enough. MTFBWY!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Clone Wars Bloopers: Ep. 4.16 "Friends And Enemies"

By: Benjamin Hart

Yet again we have another almost perfect episode! But the Clone Wars crew didn't let us down totally...

First off, When Cad Bane starts to asks Pablo, "Where can I get some quality Blasters?" there is no Toothpick in his mouth...
 But before he can finish, the shot changes and his toothpick has appeared.

Later on, when Rako(Obi-Wan) places the homing device on the Ship, it is close to the front corner.
 But in the shot where it's flying away from Nal Hutta the beacon is towards the middle-front.

And finally, Both on Nal Hutta and Orondia Rako(Obi-Wan) doesn't have a blaster in either holster.
 But after the ships crash and he jumps out looking for Anakin,
he pulls out a Blaster.

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Mini Review
I've come to believe that the best episodes of The Clone Wars play out like movies, with great tension and pacing leading up to an action packed ending. This episode had just that; On a side note, they did a good job recycling the HH-87 Starhopper from "Escape From Kadavo", it fit well with the culture and didn't stick out like some previous re-uses. The "Saloon" scene has to be one of the best cantina scenes since A new Hope. The assortment of Aliens and Droids was awesome not to mention the detail with the musty, smoky air and even trash on the floor. It was perfect(Enough rambling already)! Even though it seemed kinda redundant, the several ship crashes added some interesting plot twists. I loved the climax at the end; the music was epic, the action fantastic and the added layer of having Obi-Wan forced into duking it out with his best friend was phenomenal. Overall I give this one a 9.7/10. I can't wait to see the rest of this arc!

Until next time, MTFBWY! -B-

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